Friday, June 16, 2017

Cats at the Window

Well, this is it -- our last day of school for two months. Woo hoo!

You'll be glad to know that nearly all our library materials were returned -- including a book checked out by a parent last September. I have to chase down one or two items today from some teachers (including a video camera checked out last September), but other than that, we're in pretty good shape.

Yesterday we had our big end-of-the-year school assembly, where departing faculty and staff members are recognized. So many people are leaving that this meeting took three hours. It was a special kind of hell, especially in our overwarm school auditorium. I understand that we have to give everyone their due, especially people who have been at the school for decades, and individually the presentations were amusing and entertaining. There were songs, there were jokes, there was a slideshow, there was poetry. But collectively it was a slog, and I don't think I'm dishonoring anyone by saying that and I don't think any of my colleagues would disagree.

Olga and I often see the cats above on our morning walks. They slink around outside until they see us coming, when they leap to their windowsill in alarm. They must be related -- don't you think?

The latest news on the Grenfell Tower fire indicates that composite cladding of the type that may have been used on the building is illegal in the United States on tall structures. I'm glad someone foresaw the danger of that material, but it's still a mystery why authorities here decided to use it. I agree with one of our elected representatives in Parliament, who called this event "a monstrous crime" and "corporate manslaughter."


Yorkshire Pudding said...

If one of those residents had been caught stealing a can of beans from "Tesco" he or she would have been up before magistrates but the Grenfell murderers may never be brought to book. There should be jailings for this.

Ms. Moon said...

The rich get richer on the backs and very lives of the less fortunate.
This is the way it is and always has been and I don't know how we change it.

Three hours? Oh god. Reminds me of the pre-K graduation I just attended a few weeks ago. Are you kidding me?

I bet those cats look forward to you and Olga every day. You are their adventure and excitement!

Hope you had a good sleep-in this morning.

robin andrea said...

I just read in the newspaper online this morning that 30 people died in that fire. An outrage in every way.

Very cute kitty cats there. And, yes three hours is WAY too long. Yikes. Enjoy your summer break.

Sharon said...

The way that building went up, that cladding had to be flammable. That is simply criminal.
I think you are right, those cats look related. It also appears they enjoy watch Olga trot by, just at a safe distance.

jenny_o said...

What happened in that building was a crime. It didn't need to happen and that's what makes it so heartbreaking.

37paddington said...

the fire started on the fourth floor and engulfed the entire building above it in fifteen minutes. yes, something was very wrong there. no alarms, flammable cladding, corporate crime for sure.

as far as the end of school, i am exhaling for you. it must feel liberating. even if there is summer work to be done, at least it can be done on your own schedule.