Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunny Camden Lock

Dave and I had to go to Camden Town yesterday morning to prove to our landlord's management company that we're in the country legally. It's part of the process of renewing our lease. Like the flat inspection, we've never had to do this before -- but this year they asked us for copies of our passports and visas. I don't know whether these requirements kicked in because it will soon be our fourth year of renting this flat, or whether they've simply tightened their renting rules.

Or does it have to do with the growing populist unease toward immigration and immigrants?


Anyway, it was an easy errand, and afterwards we went to the World's End pub for lunch. The pickings were slim -- the menu had about four items on it. I had a pulled pork sandwich, and Dave had rib ends, which were basically exactly the same thing, maybe slightly less pulled and in a different container.

Then Dave went to the graduation ceremony for the school where we work. He's faculty, so he's expected to be there. I, however, am not, so I took the opportunity to walk back along the Regent's Canal toward home. As you can see above, the crowds were out and about around Camden Lock.

As usual, there was some interesting and lively street art along the way.

When I got to St. John's Wood I popped into Boots for some Sensodyne toothpaste. As I wrote before, I have been having real problems with one of my molars, my "problem tooth" with the gold inlay. It's become incredibly sensitive to temperature changes. The dentist told me to try this toothpaste, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I bought the "rapid relief" variety, in a burst of optimism.

Then I came home, spent some time tidying the garden, and sat on our back bench reading. (I love my new book, "Echo Park" by Michael Connelly -- it's a light, summery page-turner. I'll probably finish it today.)

It may be my imagination, but my tooth does feel less sensitive this morning. Fingers crossed!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

My oh my it looks so peaceful around Camden Lock! A place of solitude and reflection with nobody bothering you, no one at all. Rather different from Bamford Edge.

Ms. Moon said...

Graduation and done! Hurray!
I imagine that your landlord may indeed be responding to the mood of the country.
Thank you, Steve, for your ramblings and sharing what you see.
I hope the the toothpaste works!

37paddington said...

I always get excited for my teacher friends as summer approaches. Three months of whimsy!

Sharon said...

It looks like it was a perfect day to be out and about.

jenny_o said...

The weather looks lovely! Do you find the crowds overwhelming or stimulating? I think in part it's what we get used to, but the thought of that many people (first picture) overwhelms me.

I've used Sensodyne toothpaste for years. It really does make a difference for my issue, which is sensitive teeth all over, especially at the gum line where the enamel has eroded. It's a simple enough thing to try if you're having sensitivity. My dentist told me I could get even better results by rubbing a little on the extra sensitive areas with my finger and leaving it overnight. Are you that desperate yet? :)

The Bug said...

I've used Sensodyne with good results before. I also use ACT anti-cavity rinse, which I also think helps my sensitive teeth. Good luck!

We've had graduation palooza around here - it's hard not to be resentful of all the folks getting ready to have the summer off. However, there is no way in a million years that I would ever want to teach, or have to be at work that early in the morning, or grade papers, or plan lessons... I like my 9-5 job thank you very much!

e said...

Sensodyne has worked well for me, too. Three months off?Whose kidding whom? Lesson plans, planning field trips, special teaching modules, reading and reviewing materials...this is what my mother and her teacher friends were doing when they weren't teaching summer school or tutoring...Enjoy your vacation and good to know Dave is feeling better.

Red said...

I remember the end of school being unpleasant and hectic.