Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fly Butt

For some reason, flies like to settle in sunny spots on the leaves of the hostas by our garden bench. As I was watching them the other day it occurred to me that I know virtually nothing about flies -- the different types and all their features. Look at this one's bright red eyes, for example!

We think of houseflies monolithically, and incorrectly, as just one insect. Don't we?

Here's a greenish-blue one, the type I might call a bluebottle, though I have no idea whether that's really correct. Seems like these are the ones I most often find, dead and dessicated, on our indoor windowsills. I always feel so bad for flies that get trapped inside and I liberate them whenever I can (and when it's not too late). Poor things.

Here's that fly's butt. I've never taken a close look at a fly's butt, and you probably haven't either, so now's your chance! Don't say I never did anything for you.

Dave and I are managing to eke our way through this week's activities at school, but it's not easy! Having to leave home at the same time (roughly 7:30 a.m.) means I have to get up and get in the shower straight away -- before coffee or blogging or anything else. I typically enjoy a more leisurely morning routine, so I'll be glad when it resumes next week (I normally don't have to leave for work until about 8:45 a.m.).

I came home yesterday afternoon to find that an animal had strewn the contents of one of our neighbor's trash bags all over our back garden. It apparently carried the bag into the garden and tore it open. So I got to clean that up. Wild Kingdom!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I would never deliberately kill a fly but I don't have the same qualms about murdering mosquitoes. They are the neo-Nazis of the sky. Your first fly picture is superb. Perhaps you have found your niche as a photographer. One day you might publish a comprehensive coffee table collection - "No Flies on Me". You'll be famous (more famous).

jenny_o said...

I have to admit that I kill both flies and mosquitoes because of the whole spreading disease factor. Even that fly's butt doesn't impress me, although it's definitely a good picture of it - haha

We used to have a lobster/steak party for my husband's office each summer at our cottage and at that time there was no composting. We picked up those same lobster shells and other food items at least three times while waiting for garbage pickup. Even in garbage cans with supposedly secure lids, the racoons pried the tops off and spread EVERYTHING around the (fairly large) yard. It was not a lot of fun in the summer heat, so I feel your pain :)

ellen abbott said...

a raccoon dragged my locked outdoor trash can across the yard one night but finally abandoned it when it couldn't get the top off.

Ms. Moon said...

Flies can be beautiful if looked at without prejudice but it's hard. Even mosquitoes are sort of fascinating as their abdomens fill with blood. Such evolutionary ability to get blood from a human!
But, sometimes as we say around here, Too much nature!
Sounds like even in London you experience this situation.

Red said...

I thing with you look at flies you will be off on another venture to learn everything you can about flies.

robin andrea said...

Nice fly photos! I never kill flies, so I keep empty jars and postcards in different rooms of the house to capture them. They're almost always on the windows trying desperately to get out there. I always wave goodbye when I set them free. Now... ants are an entirely different story. We have an invasive species here, and we KILL them.

Sharon said...

There you are living in one of the biggest cities on the planet and you see more wildlife than some people living in the country. When I had that house with the big back yard, all I ever saw were birds and a neighborhood cat. Oh and a lizard or two or three. You are right about those flies. I know nothing about them except that they can be a pest.

Linda Sue said...

great fly butt, compact and glistening! Highly attractive! You have to be so quick to take a shot like that! Looks comfy on the leaf in the sunshine. I would be that fly, if I was a fly.

37paddington said...

you're right, i've never seen a fly butt in such detail. who knew it was iridescent? great photos as usual, Steve.