Monday, August 28, 2017

Pocket Park, with Pot

This little pocket park -- if you can call it that -- sits at the top of our street, where it meets West End Lane. There are a couple of trees and a bench, and occasionally I see someone resting there, but honestly it's not a very useful space. It mostly seems to gather rubbish.

The other day Olga and I were walking by and I happened to glance down at the small plant growing at the base of the right-hand tree, behind the bench...

...and I was like, "WAIT a minute! Is that what I think it is?!"

And I think it is. But I am no expert -- it could just be some kind of hemp, I suppose. As of this writing, it's still there. We'll see how long it lasts!

Meanwhile, I found this graffiti near the athletic fields behind the cemetery, not too far away. It's a theme!

I personally haven't smoked pot in decades -- I remember doing it once in the mid-'90s, and before that, a few times in college in the '80s. I liked the buzz OK, but I never enjoyed inhaling that pungent smoke. It just isn't my thing. I'd much rather have a martini.

As I understand it, cannabis, both medical and not, is illegal in the UK. So that's one plant I will not be rescuing!


  1. It's a pretty plant, whatever it is!

  2. I'd say that someone dropped a roach that had seeds in it.

  3. Medical marijuana is now legal in Arizona and there are dispensaries everywhere. I even know someone who got into the growing and dispensing business at the beginning. Like you, I haven't smoked any in decades. I'd much rather have a glass of wine.

  4. back in the day homegrown was pleasant, a nice smoke through a carrot or apple chilum - but the pot these days is over the top and no fun at all. There are of course trains that can modify the effects sold at pot shops all over up here in the PNW. Curious , and Mary is probably right about an accident plant from a roach. Olga is a good finder!

  5. Interesting about the plant; I am of no use whatsoever in clarifying what it is :)

    I love the term pocket park - never heard it before, but it's so apt, and we have a few around here. Now I don't need to refer to them as "that little park-thing between store x and store y" :)

  6. It does look like a pot plant. Interesting to have a volunteer plant like that there. I stopped smoking pot when I was 19. I know a lot of people who still grow and smoke here in California, but I just look back at it with fond, stoned memories.

  7. I've never heard of a pocket park before, I quite like it.
    As for cannabis, we tried it several years ago and Tom had an out of body experience, needless to say we have not tried it since. lol

  8. Well the least you could do is water the poor little plant! It's probably another plant in the same family.

  9. Yup. That's pot. There are two types of cannabis plants: those that are used for fiber and seed oil (hemp plants) and those that are used for medicinal and recreational uses. The main difference between the hemp and the medicinal variety is the content of resin -- the high resin plants contain all the compounds that provide beneficial effects. It's so confusing!