Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunny Saturday, with Lemonade Bottle

I mentioned yesterday that the garden is showing hints of autumn, but I don't mean to rush things. We're still enjoying summer, for sure! Yesterday we had a sunny, warm day and I took Olga to the West Heath, Sandy Heath and Hampstead Heath Extension. She had a great time running through -- and lying in -- the long summer grass.

She also seized the opportunity to go wading in the ponds on Sandy Heath. I was proud of myself for remembering to exchange a tennis ball for her Kong before she got in the water -- thus sparing me the need to wade in and retrieve a sunken toy. Tennis balls float!

While walking along one of the paths I found yet another unusual bottle. I brought it home and cleaned it up...

It's from "R W & S White Ld" and apparently was a lemonade or mineral water bottle. From what I've read online, I'm guessing it's about a hundred years old. R. White's is still a brand of lemonade in the UK (long since purchased by some corporation or other). Back in the '70s they had a popular and famous TV commercial called "I'm A Secret Lemonade Drinker" composed and sung by Elvis Costello's father! The things you learn while Googling...

Anyway, the bottle has now joined my little collection on our kitchen windowsill, and Olga has been bathed, and we're ready to start a new day!


  1. That bottle is gorgeous! I love it!

  2. Olga not only enjoyed the grass but some very algae filled water. Maybe she thought it was grass.

  3. You find the coolest things there! Looks like a lovely day for a walk.

  4. Wow! I love the bottle.

    Was Olga in need of a bath after swimming in all that algae?!

  5. What a lovely bottle. I wish I could say the same for that jingle. :-)
    The sunny day looks so pretty. Makes me wish I was there.

  6. what a find! beauty! We find shredded tennis balls and you find TREASURE! Olga will probably be about sixteen before she starts to slow down!

  7. The bottle will be right at home on your ledge. What a nice deep green colour!

    Olga, you funny girl :)

  8. Lovely bottle! I haven't been outside in days - I assume it's still summer here too :)

  9. Thank goodness that was duck weed and not an algae! A pond covered in that amount of algae would very possibly pose a nasty health risk to Olga as some species are potentially highly toxic.
    Love your glorious green bottle...a super find!