Wednesday, August 23, 2017

iPhone Photo Parade

Today, a few photos from the ol' iPhone...first, one I took several weeks ago of Olga during our morning walk. When the sun is out we get good shadows on this short stretch of sidewalk! (Or "pavement," for you Brits.)

We have an apple tree, of sorts, in our back garden. I say "of sorts" because it's a twiggy, misshapen, not-terribly-attractive tree. In fact Dave has been campaigning to cut it down, but I've been resisting the idea. First of all, it doesn't belong to us, and second, it blooms in the spring and the flowers -- even on those twiggy branches -- look nice. Besides, when apples finally appear, the squirrels love them! We have no idea what these apples taste like -- they never get big enough for us to eat before they're devoured by the arboreal rodents.

This garden statue, which sits on the wall of a neighbor down the street, has no less than four snails on it. (One of them is beneath the paws and may be difficult to see.) Grody to the max, as Moon Unit Zappa might have said back in 1982.

Remember how I mentioned Olga's nemesis, the cat that lurks behind the gate down the street? Well, here's another nemesis -- the cat behind the patio door on one of our walking routes. Every time we go by, if the weather is decent, that cat sticks its paw beneath the door and Olga growls and lunges. It actually scratched Olga's nose one day. Olga bled, but she didn't seem to feel a thing.

A creatively painted (or grouted?) house number in West Hampstead.

Sorry for the unattractive subject matter, but you know how I'm always complaining about the litterbug on the next street? The one who dumps the bags of meat wrappers? Well, this is what I'm dealing with. (This example is actually relatively mild, because only one of the bags is torn open. Sometimes they all are.) Yesterday I wrote a letter to Camden Council's waste contractor, complete with photo evidence. Hopefully it will result in some enforcement against the dumper.

A promotional Porsche in our neighborhood. I love a good martini, but I'd rather drink it than drive it.

And on a somewhat related note, an advertisement in the tube that I've found entertaining. You probably can't read the text, but it's written in a sort of Franglish. "Bonjour eyeballs!"


  1. Another cat thug...
    And that rubbish strewn everywhere is unsightly. Good luck with fixing the problem.


  2. Great photos. I liked them all and some of them reminded me of things. The cat is funny-it knows that Olga cant get it. My old at Boris used to do this to the lovely dog next door when we lived in Deptford. This dog was not allowed to bark and used to sit there quietly whining while Boris wound it up. In the garden at the moment I have some sunflowers in a pot, bought to cheer the place up. They have now finished and I was leaving them to make seed heads. But a squirrel had other ideas and has spent the morning ripping off the heads and then chomping away at them on the fence!
    Shame about the rubbish but at least the foxes are having some food. Love the weird eyeball poster.

  3. Love the poster and would like to know what's up with the meat wrappers...Let us know if you ever find out.

  4. An interesting random photo gallery. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your plea to the council - with photo evidence - will ignite some action. The anti-social perpetrator needs stopping.

  5. Lovely selection of photo's but I particulary like the tiny paw poking out from under the gate, gave me a giggle first think in the morning.
    Oh, just realised its 10 to 11 a.m. Well that's first thing to me, lol

  6. I don't think that Staffi's feel pain the way other dogs do. I've always noticed that my pitbulls didn't seem to, anyway. I think it's yet another way they were bred to be good fighters.
    Have you ever driven a Porsche? Truly one of life's finest experiences in my opinion.
    Nice pictures. And I vote with you on the apple tree.

  7. reason. I'll go for that.

  8. Dogs can lead us on all kinds of adventures. If people paid attention to their dogs they would know far more of what's going on. I'm a cyclist and dogs know I'm coming from a long way off. Their masters rarely catch on to what the dog is telling them.

  9. I hope your letter works because the garbage in the street is awful. It's funny how some cats just love to tease dogs. That Chambord ad is interesting. It makes me wonder what advertising guru thought that one up. I would love to heard the pitch for that one.
    I did not go near the rally last night and I didn't listen to the speech as it was being broadcast. I did watch a local PBS show the gave a summary after the event. Thank goodness, even the Republican couldn't really defend anything he said. I'm just glad it's over and no once got seriously hurt.

  10. I like the idea of posting iphone photos. Mostly they just end up sitting there on the phone, going no where. I hope the letter encourages someone to take action about that garbage. I will never understand what compels some people to fulfill the tragedy of the commons.

  11. Olga!!! She's so cute. Damn the nemesis!

  12. I want to start using "because no reason" in conversation now :)

    That is certainly a huge amount of trash, an amount that seems most likely to have been generated by a restaurant of some kind ... hope the council will find the culprits.

    Olga must enjoy her walks so much! So much to keep on top of!