Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lone Tree Squirrel

We stuck close to home yesterday. I finished "Player Piano" in the morning -- I enjoyed that book a lot! -- and then mowed the lawn and vacuumed the house. Things are now about as tidy as they ever get around here.

In the afternoon, Olga and I took a walk to Fortune Green and the cemetery. The rugby fields next to the cemetery have been stripped completely bare and are littered with construction equipment. I have no idea what's going on there.


(Isn't it funny how you can have a lone tree standing in a field, quite a distance from any other tree, next to a footpath bordered by an inhospitable, spiky metal fence -- and by golly, there will be a squirrel in it?)

I've tried to come up with something pithy to say about all the demonstrations and Trump and everything else in the news, but honestly, I'd rather not go there. I am glad that most of the weekend's demonstrations seemed to come off more or less peacefully.


  1. It was very heartening to see so many ordinary Americans at Boston Common - raising their voices for freedom and justice as they opposed the fascist gathering by the bandstand.

  2. Can you believe that there are NO squirrels on Dog Island? None.
    Plenty of raccoons but no squirrels.

  3. The squirrel certainly has Olga's attention.

  4. Olga must have squirrel radar! I hope they aren't turning the rugby fields into condos. That's what would be happening here.

  5. Olga's Squirrel radar is very keen! She would probably know exactly what to do if she ever caught one- terrifying! Cubby is sitting by my feet, the squirrel comes in and helps himself to the bag full of peanuts, they look at each other- the end. They are curious but not especially interested in giving each other grief- Cubby does not want the peanuts so both are cool with each other, besides The squirrel would kick Cubby's ass, I am afraid.

  6. LOL at poor Cubby - well, I guess Cubby is only poor if an actual squirrel altercation takes place.

  7. Mowing and vacuuming have a lot in common. When we had the carpet laid here (long ago, when our house was built) my husband vacuumed it before the furniture went in. You could see the lines where he went around and around, just like he does when he mows. It was hilarious.

    Doggone it, squirrel, stop teasing Olga!