Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Another iPhone Photo Parade

Today, some more photos from the ol' iPhone, collected over the last week or two.

First, some identically dressed women waiting on a bench at the Westminster tube station. I really wish I'd taken this picture with my big camera, but the trains were coming and I didn't have enough time to get it out.

Then, once on the train, I sat across from this woman. Gotta love those shoes -- very Frederick's of Hollywood.

This unusual Moorish house is in St. John's Wood. I often pass it when I'm walking home from work. Online I found an old sales listing that calls it "Alhambra Cottage," dates it to 1846 and prices it at £3.5 million. Definitely unique and impressive!

Some perilously saggy shelves of glassware in the window of a local florist...

Olga and I passed this beautiful Dalmatian on Hampstead Heath. I tried to get a picture of the two of them together, but Olga ran right past and I couldn't get this dog to look up from its muddy cocktail.

I found this button (badge) on the sidewalk (pavement) on Finchley Road. If I found its correct source, it's the name of a club in Brighton, which, according to its Facebook page, is "DIY punk night, Feminist-advocating/Queer-identifying punk entertainment." I love London!

This guy stood in front of me in line at the Pink Floyd exhibit on Sunday. A far cry from smoking pot and grooving on "Dark Side of the Moon" in a college dorm room!

What on Earth happened to these poor shoes???

An ad from the Tube. It's pretty hard to make mining look glamorous, when all it brings to mind is going down a dark, dirty hole in the ground. But I suppose people in mine management might be able to stand around on their balcony overlooking a futuristic cityscape. I'd still rather be a librarian.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

An eclectic combination. Thanks for sharing. The first picture could get you on the current fatois list. Let's hope that Islamic State adherents don't spend their downtime reading "Shadows and Light".

Ms. Moon said...

Your description of the Brighton club sounds like somewhere Hank would have been, had Hank ever been in Brighton.
These pictures are wonderful. Each has such a story. I want to live in the Alhambra Cottage. "Cottage"?
The T-shirt is award-winning. Truly.

Sharon said...

I love this assortment of shots. Westminster tube station is one of my all time favorites. It's so futuristic looking in an Orwellian kind of way. The fuzzy shoes made me laugh. I would have taken that shot too. I'd love to be around to hear the crash when that shelf full of glass comes tumbling down. Sons of Arthritis made me laugh out loud and I love Alhambra Cottage. What a beautiful place as well it should be for that price.

robin andrea said...

What great photos! You do see such interesting things there. When I look at the photo of the lady on the train in those fuzzy pink footwear, I think, "oh my she forgot to take off her slippers!" Love the tee-shirt, we had a good laugh here over that.

Catalyst said...

Great collection of images, Steve. If, someday, you get tired of being a librarian and retain your disdain for mining work, I think you'd be a good hire as a feature photographer somewhere. :^D

Linda Sue said...

I wonder if they all called each other in the morning to coordinate their outfits as we did in seventh grade? Love the footgear, inspiring! Your phone is great for photography which just proves it is the photographer not the camera!! Good job! Wonderful post

John Going Gently said...

Love the first photo! It has a wonder narrative

Elizabeth said...

So many great photos!

The shoes -- get ready to see them everywhere. They're "in style" here in Los Angeles!