Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Panic Mode

It seems that everyone I know has escaped serious damage from Irma. So that's one hurdle leapt, although many, many people are obviously still coping with her after-effects.

I had a completely crazy day yesterday -- so crazy that I had trouble sleeping last night.

First, I was indirectly insulted by a British book dealer. We ordered a book for the library called "This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids," addressing questions that parents may have if their child comes out. A teacher had asked for books on this subject, and this seemed like a good one.

When the order arrived, though, the package contained a Christian book advocating virginity and celibacy. What?!

The packing slip was correct -- so I don't think someone accidentally sent the wrong book. Anyone could tell the information didn't match. I think someone was deliberately trying to save my soul. And my soul does not need saving, thank you very much.

I wrote a pointed e-mail to the bookseller, and received only a bland "we're sorry you received the wrong book" message. They asked for the ISBN numbers, which I provided (they aren't similar). So we'll see where this goes. My friends all think I should make this go viral, but I want to give the shop a chance to respond more fully.

Then, to add more drama to the day, Dave called me just as I was preparing to close the library to say the dog-walker contacted him with dire news. Apparently, during their rainy afternoon walk on Hampstead Heath, a lightning bolt struck a nearby tree (!). Two of the dogs panicked and got out of their harnesses, one of them being Olga. At the time of his call, she was still missing.

Needless to say, that sent me into panic mode. I pictured her running loose in London, trying to cross busy roads and navigate her way home. As many times as we've walked to the Heath she might be able to do it, but it would be a perilous journey. She is completely heedless of cars.

Fortunately, as Dave was talking to me, he got another call -- this time from a man who'd picked up both Olga and the other dog, and took them to a vet where their microchips were read. That's how he got Dave's phone number. The man offered to bring Olga home, and in about half an hour he showed up, with Olga none the worse for wear. He declined our offers of money and wine as a reward.

I'd always doubted whether that microchip would work. At least now I know it does!

I hadn't planned to drink wine last night, but you can bet I did.

Oh, and speaking of self-medication, our neighborhood pot plant has vanished. It was still in the ground on Sunday morning, but yesterday morning it was gone. Someone must have clued in and harvested it. It wasn't me, I swear.

(Photo: Crayford, on Sunday.)


  1. What a lovely man! Not you or Dave but the fellow who brought Olga home! Such actions restore one's faith in humanity. Now about your soul being saved... it's probably too late.

  2. I'm sooo glad Olga is ok. As for the book, how offensive that is. I say boycott that bookstore and spread the word about them. No need to give them your business.

  3. Whew. I wold have been crazed if I'd been told that my DoG had disappeared. What a nice neighbor you have. I'm so glad that Olga is back from her little walk about, safe and sound.

    That cheap trick of switching titles on you sounds like something I'd expect from a Texas Republican bookseller. I say name and shame.

  4. A day like that would shake you up. The book isue is pretty spooky. Take them to task.

  5. That book thing is ridiculous. What the heck people!

    So glad Olga was found so quickly & that the nice guy returned her to you. That was the universe's way of paying you back for taking that briefcase to the police station :)

  6. That book story should go viral, with the name of the bookseller and all pertinent info. That is simply not okay in any way. At least you had the bright sunlight of good news when Olga was found safe and sound, and a kind stranger who brought her to your door.

  7. Re the bookseller: it seems there always has to be a do-gooder somewhere doing bad.

    So glad Olga was found and returned to your happy home. The man who did all that must be a dog-lover and a wonderful humanitarian, unlike your bookseller.

  8. Oh my gosh, you really had a horrific day! I'm so sorry! I'm so happy that Olga was found and returned. Poor thing! A lightening strike like that must have sent many animals into a panic. As far as the bookseller goes, I agree 100% with Catalyst.

  9. I'm so glad Olga is ok. How scary for you!

  10. Lordy, I'm pretty sure I'd be hitting the wine, too! (this from a two-drinks-a-year person) ... Pretty scary about lightning being so close and Olga getting loose. I'm sure glad it turned out okay.

    That's so underhanded of the person packing your book order. Just wrong in so many ways - from morally to ethically to proper job execution.

  11. What a day! I'm impressed with your restraint with the book seller and I'm also so glad that Olga was fine and returned home with nothing other than a great story to tell her doggie friends.

    That was a deserved glass of wine!

  12. I am so relieved that Olga was brought home safe and well.
    As for the bookseller he should have received the lightning bolt. Outrageous!

  13. The US HAS irma
    We have the more Alen Bennet ish EILEEN,

  14. I panic if one of the cats is out for more than a few minutes so I know how you felt. Are you sure it wasn't you who harvested the plant, you probably needed some to calm yourself down. lol

  15. I am SO glad that Olga was found and returned to her loving parents.
    As for the book- well. Dang.