Monday, September 18, 2017

Crashing Through the Shrubbery

I took Olga to Hampstead Heath yesterday. Even though I've had this cold, I was feeling OK and I thought the walk would do us good.

We saw some asters in bloom (top). They're a late-summer flower and they're still abundant. I've been seeing fewer bees and butterflies -- another sign of the season changing -- although yesterday I saw a pair of red admirals on our butterfly bush.

Anyway, Olga was feeling super-energetic. I know I always talk about her running and running on the Heath, but in order to show you what this is actually like, I created the following video. Be warned that it's very quiet at the beginning -- all you can hear is the click of her dog tags as she's running in the underbrush -- and then I call out to her twice. (I just don't want that part to startle you!)

She's such a goofball.

Unfortunately, I don't think that walk actually did me any favors. I feel pretty terrible this morning and I called in sick. Maybe if I stay in bed all day (while someone else walks Olga!) I'll get over the hump with this cold.


  1. That's the first time I have heard your voice. It was quite a surprise as I had expected you would sound like Tiny Tim and not Rex Tillerson!

  2. I swear- that is NOT exactly what I thought that Hampstead Heath would look like. It looks like Florida! Olga IS a goof and she is beautiful.
    Now rest, Steve. Get well.

  3. Not to nit-pick, but that's a Tom Petty/Florida accent for sure, not a Tillerson/Texas drawl (but not East Texas, where they don't drawl). The Florida accent is easier on the ear, Southern but not too Southern and not the least bit cowboy.

    What a sweetheart of a pup is that Olga. She makes me laugh just watching how much fun she has fetching the thing that goes with the word "ball". I hope lots of tea with honey and lots of Olga gives you a speedy recovery.

  4. Rest up, my friend. There is something so delicious about calling in sick and having no commitments. I hope it does the trick for you and that you're not too sick enough to enjoy it.

  5. I've tried to take a video of Minnie when she's running flat out like a racehorse doing loops around the yard but with little success. she's so fast. hope you get over the cold soon. I had one a couple of months ago and it was no fun.

  6. Olga is so energetic. She's just the kind of pup we love running into on our walks. I liked hearing your voice, an added dimension to this otherwise silent online communication. Makes me think we should all "say hello" on our blogs sometime. Hope your stay-at-home day helps you to feel better. A pot of chicken soup would be good too! Take care there.

  7. I loved watching that little video. It reminded me of that walk I took with you and Olga. She seems to love to run and explore. I hope your day in bed will send that cold on it's way.

  8. Hampstead Heath surprised me, too. I expected big sweeping fields of grass, not all those trees. In spite of your cold, your voice sounds strong. Get well, Stephen.

  9. I'm sorry that you're sick, but I loved watching the video, seeing goofy Olga and hearing your voice!

  10. Just loved that video. Olga is a delight, I wish I had some of her energy.
    Hope your cold clears soon.

  11. I just love that last picture of Olga. Goof is indeed the right word for her :)

    I hope you feel better soon. With a regular head cold, I've always noticed days 3 to 5 are the worst; then things start looking up. It always feels much longer, though.

  12. You can always depend that teachers and staff will have a cold two weeks after school starts!

  13. YP: I can do Tiny Tim too. I was in a Rex Tillerson mood, though.

    Ms M: Hampstead Heath is quite large (particularly if you include West Heath, the Extension and Sandy Heath, where this was filmed) and it contains lots of different habitats. There are wide-open grassy areas, sports fields, swimming ponds and dense woodland like this. It IS kind of Florida-like, with the ferns, blackberries and holly!

    Vivian: It's funny, because I don't think of myself as having an accent at all. But there is a little bit of a Southern thing going on there, for sure. I think it's come out more as I've gotten older. Not sure why.

    37P: It occurred to me that calling in sick is a tremendous luxury that many, many people do not have! I am very lucky in that respect.

    Ellen: It IS hard to film a running dog!

    Robin: I've considered doing a video post sometime, with me talking rather than writing about the news of the day. It would add an extra dimension to the ol' blog, wouldn't it? I might still do it. We'll see.

    Sharon: Yeah, you've experienced Olga's enthusiasm first-hand!

    Catalyst: I'm a little raspy-sounding in that video but not too bad. As I told Ms. Moon above, there are big, open grassy parts of the Heath, too. Olga likes the woods because there are lots of squirrels there!

    Elizabeth: I'm glad!

    Briony: I wish I had her energy too. She wears me out.

    Jenny O: Today I'm on day four. (Or is it five?) Anyway, I keep thinking it's getting better. Today I HAVE to be at work, so no more languishing around the house for me!

    Red: It's true! I've learned that apparently quite a few of my colleagues came down with this same cold over the weekend!