Monday, April 8, 2019


A pigeon is building a nest in the neighbor's gigantic rose shrub, the one that overhangs our patio. I watched him (or her?) yesterday morning, landing on the wooden trellis, parading up to the bush, disappearing inside with a lot of flapping and thrashing, and then emerging again to repeat the process. Back and forth, back and forth, about ten times. Doesn't she (he?) look proud?

I had no idea pigeons nested in trees. I thought they nested on rocky cliffs or, in our modern world, on buildings.

Maybe we'll actually get to see that most elusive of all urban wildlife -- the baby pigeon!

I continued my garden labors yesterday, cleaning the rest of the patio. I started sweeping up under the pots at the side of the house, where we keep the fig tree, but when I moved the first plant I disturbed a whole little world of insects -- metallic blue beetles and brown centipedes and ants and pillbugs, all nesting under the saucer. I let them scurry away but I still felt bad. I didn't move any other pots.

I also cleaned out the garden shed at the side of the house. It's a tiny space and somehow, no matter how carefully I try to keep it tidy, everything piles up in there willy-nilly. When the pile gets so all-encompassing that I can't reach the back of the shed without standing on stuff, I know it's time to clean it all out.

I uncovered lost garden tools and crushed flowerpots and a bird feeder demolished by squirrels, and a bag of rose fertilizer that had been gnawed open by...something. (I did not uncover baby mice, or even adult mice, thank God.) I threw it all out, except the tools. I wish I'd taken before and after pictures. I organize that shed once a year or so and it's always a monumental undertaking.

Afterwards I took Olga to Fortune Green and the cemetery for another walk. We found someone's polite but firm reminder to use litter bins (middle picture above), as well as this beautiful little primrose growing in the cemetery's butterfly garden area.

Dave arrived back from Amsterdam safe and sound last night, and we caught each other up on our weekend adventures. And guess what was for dinner? Hearts-of-palm salad, with stir-fried shrimp! (Yes, I cooked.) I gotta say, I don't really see the appeal of palm hearts. Not canned ones, anyway. But at least now they're out of the pantry, and the shrimp were good.


e said...

Good for you for all the garden/patio/shed work. It looks nice and I think hearts of palm overrated myself though I've never had fresh. Have a good week.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

DAVE (raging as he storms back into the apartment) What the hell has been going on?
STEVE Whaddya mean?
DAVE You have been in the shed, clearing out my stuff! Where's my rose fertiliser for example?
STEVE I-I I threw it away.
DAVE Threw it away? Do you know how much that cost me?
STEVE I'm sorry Dave. Okay. I'm sorry.
DAVE (flopping on his Lay-zee-Boy and donning headphones) Screw you Steve!

crafty cat corner said...

We were talking about nest making the other day and how clever it is. If we humans made twig nests they would fall apart pretty quickly I think.
By the way Steve, did you know that pigeons are one of only three bird species to feed their young milk?

Marty said...

Catching up on blogs after being away -
What a pretty garden you have to enjoy. Too bad those shed trolls slither in during the winter and muss everything up!

Alphie Soup said...

I like the message about rubbish disposal - just follow the white line...
Palm hearts will never appear on the menu at my place. My preference is for food from trees that doesn't include (among other things) the death of the tree.

Ms. Moon said...

That pigeon photo is amazing.
Isn't it crazy how we pile stuff up that we just end up throwing out? Why do we do these things? Are we all hoarders at heart?
I had to do a little googling after I read Briony's comment. I had no idea that some birds secrete nutrients in their craws for their young. Amazing!

ellen abbott said...

we have a storage shed on the back corner of our property which took me several weekends when we first bought the place to clean it out and organize. it's a horrible mess now and I don't use it at all since we bought the shop across the street and the building we put up to be the shop turned into the storage and gardening barn. it's slowly being claimed by the wild space.

great pic of the primrose. and the pigeon. and the church.

Red said...

Sheds have a habit of getting wildly untidy. Most of the time much of the stuff is thrown away.

Linda Sue said...

wonderful shot of the pigeon, and so glad of the butts reminder.
Shrimp have been on the menu frequently here, good for diabetes and Mr. Man, However, they puff up his lips, allergic reaction...always something !
Hearts of palm in a can probably taste a lot like bamboo shoots in a can- all tastes like...can.

Anonymous said...

Love that pigeon photo. About garden sheds (and garages) there is no denying they do pile up with stuff that ends up being tossed out finally. Hard to let go when there's even a slight glimmer of a chance it will be used again.

Catalyst said...

We twice spotted a big black raven with large sticks in her beak flying somewhere in the BRD's neighborhood last week. Obviously he or she was constructing a nest.

Sharon said...

The "polite reminder" made me laugh out loud. I love that they added the arrow to show exactly where the bin is located. That pigeon does look very proud marching along the fence. I love that last photo from the cemetery.

jenny_o said...

As much as I dislike smoking and the butts created, it's a fire hazard to put them in the garbage! Maybe there was a butts container next to the bin? They're definitely an eyesore, though.

What a great shot of the pigeon! I laughed at your description of the bird thrashing its way into the bush. They are such bulls in a china shop :) I do hope you get to see (and record for posterity) some babies.

The Bug said...

I had the same thought that YP had about the shed clear-out. At least in my household I would NEVER toss any gardening stuff without Dr. M's approval. Of course, in my household he does all the gardening. Ha!

Sue said...

It seems like pigeons aren't very popular birds, but I really like them. "Yours" is a beauty. We had a robin nest in an outdoor decoration thingie right across from my kitchen window - not 3 feet away - for 2 years in a row. We watched babies grow before our eyes each year and enjoyed it so much! I went every few days and bought live meal worms and put them out in a dish for mom to help her out. Sadly, she didn't come last year, and hasn't appeared yet this year. I was hoping one of the babies would remember that it was such a good spot!

Elizabeth said...

Spring cleaning time, again! I feel, sometimes, that I just move piles and stacks around and never get anything done! I love the shot of the primroses -- and welcome home to Dave!