Tuesday, April 30, 2019

My Corner

Blogger John Gray of "Going Gently" recently asked his readers to send him photos of their "comfort corners," or areas of their home that provide "peace, relaxation, comfort and happiness." His request grew out of his fascination with other people's houses, and he asked each contributor for a short paragraph explaining their photo.

If you read John's blog you may have seen my photo (above) among his many responses. My "comfort corner" is basically that big brown couch -- technically not a corner. If I'm home, and I'm not out in the garden or doing housework, I'm probably there. Dave, meanwhile, routinely lounges in his adjacent recliner, and Olga will be fast asleep with one of us -- in this case, with Dave, on her favorite pink blanket.

I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the photo -- in fact, I took it and sent it to John on Sunday, about an hour before his submission deadline. But the more I looked it at, the more I liked it. It captures all the important elements of my day-to-day life -- Dave, Olga and the garden, along with odds and ends like my computer, the striped blanket my friend Cherie brought me from her trip to Mexico more than 20 years ago, and several of our favorite houseplants. (You can't see more of Dave because he hates having his picture taken!) Even Olga's beloved Kong toy is there, on the floor next to one of her tennis balls.

We didn't choose that couch. We bought it from the previous tenants of our flat, who we knew from work, and it was here waiting for us when we moved in almost five years ago. It's not one I'd select if I walked into a furniture store, but it's comfortable enough, and it's hard for the dog to get it visibly dirty. Every time I consider getting a new one, I think, "But why?"

So that's it -- my comfort corner!

And here, apropos of nothing, is a bonus -- just so you don't feel cheated by a lousy picture of my living room. Isn't this amazing wisteria? I passed it yesterday on my way to work. What a way to start the day!


Ursula said...

Hi, Steve, being persona non grata over at John's I hope you'll give me room to breathe here nevertheless. If only to express that I am glad you came "forward". As good as John's idea of "corners" was it was a little disappointing that none of the corners' identities, and why their inhabitants chose them, was published.

I am dying to know who sent the prison cell shot (the one John titled "huh?"). It's a hoot.

Other than that may I say that I see how comfy your corner is, yet, going by your avatar (and many a comment of yours I have taken note of) I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that it's yours. Just shows you the power of misconceptions we have.


Ms. Moon said...

That is a lovely and comfortable corner, Steve. You may have unwittingly taken the exact perfect picture to represent you and your life.
And that wisteria! It is a glory.

e said...

It looks comfy,... I don't have a corner. Mine is my bed.Those wisteria are cheerful.

ellen abbott said...

what a great picture now that it comes with all the little bits of information about what is important in and to your life. I sent two pictures, late always, with no explanations, just daytime and nighttime because I have two places I occupy. and yeah that wisteria is a glory (to quote Ms Moon).

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your comfort corner. Yes, the real view of our lives in our quiet time. The computer on the couch, the power cords on the floor, plants blooming and the view out the window. Life in the moment.

Sharon said...

When I was reading this, I tried to think if I have a corner and I guess I do. I do have one place on my sofa that I tend to curl up in. Your "corner" looks very cozy and comforting. A dog who is sound asleep always adds a touch of peace and harmony to any home.
I LOVE the wisteria. It's one of those plants we don't see here and you get to see lots of it. So thanks for sharing.

Comox Valley and beyond said...

I recognized Olga on John's blog, looks like a lovely cozy room and a view to the garden. The photo of the wisteria is breathtaking.

Catalyst said...

It looks very comfortable and I LOVE that Wisteria.

Red said...

I think many people, like John , have an interest in other people's houses. I'm sure people have looked for details in your photo and what it tells about you and your house. Now that cushion with the Union Jack. we were under that flag at one time.

jenny_o said...

Your corner looks very comfortable and has all the important stuff in it - computer spot, partner, pet :)

Beautiful wisteria.

Sue said...

I agree, Steve, your corner looks comfortable and homey. And the photo shows so much about your life and what is important to you. I loved looking at all the "corners" on John's blog. What a great idea it was. It was fun to share my corner, too, with my little chihuahua balancing on the pillow I always lean back on.

Alphie Soup said...

I recognised your 'corner' when I saw Olga and the Union Jack cushion.
I also was much taken by the room filled with sunshine and patterned with shadows from the blinds. I looked at it and decided I could easily sit on one of the chairs and soak up the sun; my next thought was
Steve Reed might like that room too....
Interesting looking at people's corners.

Elizabeth said...

I like the idea of a comfort corner. Mine is in my dining room -- bookshelves behind me, a comfortable chair and a lamp on a small table with piles of books to my right. Yours looks cozy, too!

Steve Reed said...

Ursula: Yeah, the prison cell submission was hilarious! In Britain I think they'd call that "taking the piss."

Ms Moon: It really IS the perfect picture, which is so funny, because I put approximately .3 seconds of thought into it.

E: A bed can be a corner!

Ellen: I saw your corner in John's photo lineup!

Robin: Exactly! I like the momentary nature of the picture.

Sharon: Everybody has a corner! I'm trading you wisteria for your palo verde trees. :)

Comox: Yeah, Olga was the give-away that it was my pic.

Catalyst: Isn't it amazing wisteria? Some vines are more productive than others, who knows why.

Red: The Union Jack cushion is Olga's dog bed!

Jenny-O: Indeed! All in one!

Sue: It was a great idea. I saw your corner with the Chihuahua -- I even commented on it, I think! Great photo.

Alphie: YES! I loved that pic with the shadows from the blinds. Venetian blinds (are they still called that?) always cast such beautiful shadows.

Elizabeth: Pretty much anyplace with books automatically becomes a comfort corner, doesn't it?

gz said...

A relaxed corner..not so busy, busy as mine!