Saturday, April 27, 2019

Night Light

One of our neighbors across the street installed a new motion-activated security light over their doorway. When it activates at night, our dining room and entrance hall are flooded with dramatic shadows. (Further evidence that Dave and I were smart to choose the room in the back of the house for our bedroom -- unlike the previous tenants, who slept in this one.)

I love the patterns and the way the light duplicates shadows already cast by the streetlights (like the giant vegetal stalk of our fiddle-leaf fig). Getting a picture was laughable -- when I noticed the light was on I'd run for the camera, but often by the time I got ready to take a shot it would snap off. Argh! Finally I was fast enough to catch one.

Anyway, the light doesn't bother us because we don't use this room much at night. (Or at all, to be honest.)

Last night Dave and I stayed home and watched "The Talented Mr. Ripley," which I hadn't seen in years. I loved it when it came out in 1999, and it is a good movie, but I think I was entranced by all that scenery of rustic Italy as much as anything!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Some of these security lights are very anti-social. We should be able to enjoy darkness without sudden bursts of unwanted light because a fox strolled by or two cats were fighting or an innocent pedestrian walked past.

e said...

I like this photo...and you're right, sleeping in there would be impossible. Entranced by Italian scenery? Have you been there? If not, perhaps your next holiday?

Ms. Moon said...

I am of the bizarre opinion that night should contain darkness. Just darkness. I'd sleep in a cave if I could. Have you thought about complaining or does that light not bother you too much?

Red said...

Yes, some great shadows but with a strong security light like this on isn't it a bit intrusive?

robin andrea said...

That is a very bright motion sensor security light. Good thing that's not your bedroom that gets lit up like that.

Linda Sue said...

Our neighbor Way across the cul de sac has one of those lights, We can move in our dining room and trigger it, way too sensitive, good job choosing the back room for sleeping! I watched that movie while recovering from broken was the wrong movie for me at that time,I was already suicidal, but I do agree, it is a great movie...visually.
Love the shadows of your lit up room.

Sharon said...

Good job not making that room your bedroom. It would be very difficult to sleep in a room that gets such bright bursts of light all night long. However, you are right about the shadows, they are very interesting.

Catalyst said...

Next time you want a photograph of that lit-up room here's what you do. Get into position with your camera in your hands, then send Dave next door to activate the light. Easy-peasy! I suspect you two will be headed to Italy before long.

Comox Valley and beyond said...

Lovely shadows in your picture but yes I couldn't sleep with that much light, I haven't seen the talented Mr Ripley in years I sure enjoyed it must try and find it again.
Enjoy your weekend.

jenny_o said...

You are so laid back, Steve. Something like that light would drive me around the bend!

Sue said...

I love those patterns and shadows, too. I think a photo like this would be very helpful for those who don't quite "get" abstract art. If you squint at it a little, it all becomes clear.

Bohemian said...

Those Shadows are Dramatic, it's Beautiful!

Steve Reed said...

YP: I definitely don't like it when they come on just because someone is walking past on the street. This one seems aimed more specifically at the front door.

E: I went to Italy in 2007 -- Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice. I haven't been to the south of Italy and Dave's never been at all. It's definitely on our agenda!

Ms. Moon: Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all.

Red: Nah. Like I said, we rarely use those rooms at the front of the house at night.

Robin: We'd be putting up drapes for sure! Actually we have drapes in the dining room -- we just never close them.

Linda Sue: OK, having a neighbor's motion sensor light go off when you're in your own house is CRAZY! Can't they aim it differently? I would definitely complain about that!

Sharon: It probably wouldn't be bad with the drapes closed!

Catalyst: I thought about that, but I didn't want the neighbor to get freaked out by Dave dancing in front of their security light! LOL!

Comox: It's definitely worth a second watch!

Jenny-O: I wouldn't like it if it were shining into a room I used often.

Sue: I'm glad it eventually becomes clear. Not all abstract art does! LOL!

Bohemian: They are beautiful, aren't they? I really like the effect, especially all the leaves.