Saturday, October 19, 2019

Blue and Orange

I'm debating whether or not to go to the big Brexit march today in Westminster. It's supposed to help convince Parliament that we need another referendum -- a "people's vote" -- on whatever deal (or lack thereof) that results from this lengthy sausage-mill of a political process.

I suppose the only thing holding me back is a suspicion that it's too little too late, which is a bit defeatist. And also the fact that I can't vote myself, so even if we do get a new referendum, I won't be able to participate -- in other words, maybe it's not my fight to fight. But then again, I live here, and will for the foreseeable future. So it seems like I'm entitled to a say, right?

We'll see how motivated I get.

In other news, my Amazon purchase of "The Story of Harold" is still up in the air. You may recall that after the book failed to arrive (apparently having never been sent), I asked the seller last week to ship it rather than refund my money. I hadn't heard anything more, so Thursday I emailed and asked if it had been sent and when I would receive it. Without directly answering the first question, "Mary" said she would contact the shipping company about the second and get back to me.

Meanwhile, as of yesterday the book was still listed for sale on Amazon itself -- at a slightly higher price than I paid. I wrote back and asked how this was possible, since there's allegedly only one copy, and included a screen shot of the listing. It has now been taken down. This is undoubtedly the most peculiar Amazon transaction I've ever been involved in. I probably need to simply report the seller to Amazon and demand a refund and be done with it -- but I really would like the book if possible, because it's not easy to find. (Apparently "Mary" can't find it either.)

I'll give the whole thing another week, maybe, and then I'm pulling the plug.

I brought in our one Chinese lantern, because the plant is looking pretty ragged and I think we're about to cut it back. I wonder how long the lantern will hold its bright orange color, sitting on our windowsill?

(Top photo: Autumn leaves at the tennis club around the corner from our flat.)


  1. Yes. Give it a week and then get your money back. I know you'd much rather have the book than the money but this is ridiculous.
    I don't know that I'd march either. Im not a marcher. I admire those who do.
    Those sure are some blue tennis courts!

  2. I'm afraid my marching days are behind me especially considering I live in a small town. I'd have to drive an hour to to attend any kind of march anyway. which is nothing really as I once hitchhiked to DC from Chicago to attend an anti-war march. but I was much younger. don't you have legal permanent residency?I would think you would be able to vote but I guess you have to be a citizen. hmmm. I know illegal residents can't vote here but I wonder about legal non-citizen residents. I suppose they can't either.

  3. I'm hoping the march helps to bring the vote that you want. Quite a strange thing going on with that book. Makes me want to see if I can find it somewhere else. How can only one place have that one and only book? Let the sleuthing begin!

  4. You have a couple of big decisions on your plate right now.


    maybe you have read this blog review of the book.

    The Brexit thing is probably a done deal as idiotic as it is, there will be no second referendum , England is well on it's way to becoming tiny and closed off I am afraid.
    Putting eggs in the USA trade is iffy at best. Stay home, The marches seem inconsequential , as here, with the Orange Turd shenanigans, unless we actually storm the castle and take him out, head on a spike, this all must play out. Painful, ridiculous.

  6. Amazing how for years some of us - or at least me - sailed along, sitting back and letting the government do what it did, believing that outside of the occasional rogue politician, the system would hold itself together. Now I'm not so sure.

  7. That Chinese Lantern picture is exquisite.

  8. I'm wondering if you went to the march. I check in tomorrow to see. I'm up in Flagstaff AZ this weekend and seeing some fall colors up here. Fall colors and tall pines, it's a nice change of pace.

  9. I remember my mom having a bunch of dried Chinese lanterns in a vase for years, and they were a pale-ish pumpkin orange. I had no idea they started out like in your photo!

    Hope that book comes. Mary must have quite an online business if she needs to check with her shipping department.

  10. Your book and my mail may be in the same place. I'm glad you enjoyed your break. It is always fun to discover those we read in person.

  11. Is the Story of Harold under the name Terry Andrews? I use to look for hard to find books, I used to be the librarian at an elementary school and discovered it then. I did find multiple listings of The Story of Harold on BookFinder, some are verrrry expensive. Reminds me of when I looked up Mousekin's Golden House by Edna Miller thinking I'd buy a copy for a friend, well no, not at $ dollars.

  12. Ms Moon: It looks like that's what's going to happen -- a refund. C'est la vie.

    Ellen: I have permanent residency but I can't vote unless I'm a citizen, and I haven't taken that final step yet. We could, though -- we've been here long enough. It's just expensive.

    Robin: It was the only reasonably-priced copy on Amazon here in the UK, and the only one listed by that seller. I might be able to get it somewhere else, depending on how much I want to pay.

    Red: Well, in the grand scheme of things, not that big!

    Linda Sue: Well, as "done" as it all seems, I do think it's important to show dissatisfaction. Even if it's a march without concrete results, just marching is important. Thanks for that review!

    Marty: I know, it's alarming, isn't it? Such a crazy,, scary time.

    Catalyst: Thank you! It really is an amazing plant.

    Sharon: I did! See next post!

    Jenny-O: I think "Mary" is full of BS.

    E: LOL! Maybe!

    Lea: Yes, that's the book! I'll check out your link. There is one other copy on Amazon but it's £85, which is more than I want to pay. I may find that's the only way I'll ever be able to read it, though.

  13. It must be frustrating to be aware of and interested in the local politics knowing that you do not have a vote. Hmmm, sad. I do love your orange lantern blossom. I hope it keeps it's shape and color for quite a while. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.