Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kong Retrieval Videologue

What do you think? Am I ready to be a vlogger?


  1. I enjoyed my walk with you this morning....and the added excitement of will he won't he manage to retrieve the Kong!
    You are lucky you didn't get stopped though carrying that rake. Could have been a weapon! I think it was a blind man got tasered a while ago and he only had a white stick!!

  2. Walking along with a rake? One definition of a rake is this - "a fashionable or wealthy man of immoral or promiscuous habits". Mmmm... interesting. As for the video, I loved it but it needed tense background music to build up the drama. By the way, in retrieving the kong you have made a small contribution to saving the world's finite natural resources.

  3. Yes, definitely has the makings of a movie here, with all the tense build-up, the thickening plot, the twists and turns of the storyline, and the final resolution, along with an unexpected ending--a tour of the park complete with missing animals. Which cries out for a sequel. One of your best posts, in my opinion. And we got to see you live--talking, walking and "in the flesh" as it were. Keep it up.

  4. I really enjoyed that, Steve! And I think that in retrieving the Kong for Olga you let her know that you will indeed go the extra mile for her.
    Now. She needs to work on her attitude! She can hardly be bothered to thank you. What's up with that?
    Just kidding. She's a dog. She has no idea what you just did. To her it's just, "Oh yeah. There's the Kong."
    The "butt shot" part made me laugh.

  5. I'm sneaking & watching this at work, so no sound, and up until the butt shot it had a very Blair Witch kind of feel - ha! I'm glad you were successful. I'll watch again when I can listen to you talk!

  6. You are a good man, even if your dog doesn't notice...and the butt shot gave me giggles. What a way to start the day!

  7. You are a very good dog papa to go to the lengths you do to retrieve the kong for Olga! She's your family, and you do things for your kids that may seem whacky to other people. Plus, even though it's not expensive, it's probably best to retrieve it from the pond for the sake of the pond, other animals,'s not like it's going to degrade or breakdown over time.

  8. That was so much fun! I loved following you to the Heath and seeing you retrieve the lost Kong. I will say that I did cringe a bit when you said you were going to reach your arm into that dark and murky water.

  9. I enjoyed that so much. More please.

  10. Your a good man Steve going the extra mile for the love of Olga good story telling looking forward to more video's in the future.

  11. Magnificent! I hereby proclaim you King Kong!!! (you may roar)

  12. That was a fantastic video. You are absolutely a grand vlogger! Roger and I watched it together and enjoyed it immensely. We agreed you really take such good care of your much-loved Olga. Bravo!

  13. A vlogger, yes and Olga's hero!

  14. hooray! Well done! good thing your legs are so long, getting over the fence- ouch! Great dieo, Steve. enjoyed every moment so much!

  15. Nice video. I gotta admit, when you put your hand into the water I expected you to (pretend) pull out a snake. But still nice to see and also hear your voice.

  16. This was a lot of fun, at least sitting and watching it was :D I kept waiting for you to fetch up a body with the rake, and then worrying you'd tip over and fall in, which is the sort of thing *I* would end up doing. And neither thing happened. Whew!

    Maybe Olga thought you had mysteriously already gotten the Kong back and was just holding out on her! I have to admit I'm the same as you are with lost items; always have been. Last summer I lost two hair clips in the trees behind our house as I looked for a possible stinky animal carcass behind the neighbour's fence. The clips caught on the tree branches and, I assume, landed on the ground. But with the leaves and sticks and other debris there, it was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. It bothered me so much I thought about having another look this summer, but I was afraid I'd lose my current clips in the process - lol

  17. Frances: I must admit I didn't even think about that! It never occurred to me that someone would perceive me as a danger.

    YP: That's my kind of rake! And yes, I guess there is an environmental benefit, too.

    David: Maybe for a sequel I should go back to the park when those animals are around!

    Ms Moon: Yeah, she was like, "Why are you giving me this NOW, when it's morning and I usually take a nap?"

    Bug: Ha! I can't imagine watching it with no sound, although if it had a Blair Witch feel maybe I need to release it commercially?

    E: Yeah, it was a lot of activity for so early in the morning.

    Dee: I have a feeling that Kong would last a really, really long time out in the wild. It's made of hard rubber, I think, and I have no idea what the life span of that would be in the environment.

    Sharon: Ugh. It's my least favorite thing to do when retrieving the Kong from anywhere, but I've had to do it more times than I care to admit. At east in England I don't have to worry about snakes or alligators!

    Briony: Excellent! I shall henceforth be known as Cecil B. DeMille-Reed.

    Comox: It was a fun change of pace, but I probably won't make a habit of it!

    Catalyst: Ha! That should have been the finale.

    Robin: Oh, she's incredibly spoiled. It's almost embarrassing.

    Sabine: And yet, she's so blase about it...

    Linda Sue: Fortunately it wasn't one of those tall fences with the spiky tops!

    Penelope: Ha! I didn't think that far ahead! I was pretty much just going with whatever happened.

    Jenny-O: You need a metal detector! I bet you could find those hair clips in an instant. Maybe a neighbor has one?