Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Heath Outing, With Built-In Relaxation

Another sunny Saturday, another walk on the Heath. Frankly, it was a good place to be given the craziness going on in other parts of London.

Olga took it easy on this walk. We made our way there slowly, stopping to sniff every possible smell, and once on the Heath a lot of this occurred (above). There's nothing wrong with a little rest stop, I suppose.

We visited some areas where we'd never been before, including a wide path on the Kenwood estate that runs between some wooden palings.

We saw the backside of the weird shelter that sits above one of the Heath's major paths. Turns out there's also a bench on the side facing Kenwood (above). I have no idea why this structure was even built. It's basically just a magnet for what the British would call "anti-social behaviour" -- in other words, graffiti.

More lying down. It's a good position from which to survey, if not chase, squirrels. (She did her share of chasing too, though.)

"I'm SO HOT -- but I'm happy!"


  1. A lovely walk and a happy dog, can't fault that!

    Graffiti..sometimes art sometimes vandalism

  2. Thank you Olga for that lovely smile, a good way to start my day.

  3. This may sound crazy but my theory is that the shelter was built as a shelter so that people could shelter there or just sit around, passing the time, eating sandwiches while comparing notes about grey squirrel hunting.

  4. Funny photos of your Olga sprawled out. I think it is a girl dog thing to do.

  5. Great photographs of what appears to be wild and untamed forest. Hard to believe you are (relatively speaking) in the heart of a big city.

  6. Olga knows how to stop and smell the squirrels. :)

  7. What a beautiful day. It looks like you and Olga were in a massive green cathedral. I love that.

  8. I notice the total absence of people. Peaceful!

  9. Seems the heath just keeps unfolding!, like those dreams we all have of entering a tiny house where the inside is huge with so many rooms we get lost and keep discovering more. That tree is amazing, Olga for perspective and charm- it is the perfect photo! Love the walk way, too. What a gorgeous , satisfying walk.

  10. Looks like a beautiful walk there. I love these new views and, of course, seeing Olga doing her Olga things!

  11. Now that's my kind of walk. Lot's of stopping to rest.
    You commented about my memory of all the flowers. As much as I'd like you to think I remembered the names of all those plants, it's not quite true. Many of the photos I weeded out were the signs identifying the plants. I labeled the photos and deleted the photos of the signs.

  12. What a beautiful place for walking. And resting. I have to laugh at Olga, stopping to rest by all these beautiful trees. I wish my Pogo would pose for the camera like Olga does. I just love that tree in the first photo. You have a woderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  13. So beautiful there... except for the flipping graffiti.

  14. Wonderful pictures of Olga and your gorgeous English foliage.

  15. I want to be IN that top picture!

  16. Ahhh It looks like a wonderful Saturday walk. I think that I would love all of the paths in which to walk and to sniff. I think Olga agrees that it was a happy hot Saturday. Have a wonderful evening.

  17. Olga has a great smile! She must find splooting to be a comfortable position; especially on a hot day I expect it would cool her off more fully. Looks like a wonderful walk. You're right about that shelter; it looks very dim and cold. Maybe it was put there before the trees grew up so large around it? A place to sit is a good idea, but I'd rather a bench, I think.

  18. GZ: I often really like graffiti, when it's skilled. The faces on the two sides of the shelter are kind of cool, but that tag over the bench is hideous. LOL

    Briony: She's a very smiley dog!

    YP: Yes, but it's in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Why would anyone shelter there? And it's also filthy. There's no way I'd sit on that bench.

    Andrew: She's a sprawler. She always sits or lies with her belly on the ground.

    David: The Heath is an incredible asset for London, it's true!

    Lilycedar: She's a happy girl! Although honestly I think she's just panting. LOL

    Mary: Smelling them is about as close as she'll ever get!

    Ms Moon: There's always a sort of aqueous green light on the Heath in summer. At least in the woods. It's part of the magic.

    Red: Well, there were quite a few people around, actually -- I just kept them out of the shots.

    Linda Sue: It's true! I always think I know the Heath so well, and then I make a different turn and discover something entirely new.

    Robin: So much of the fun of the walk comes from watching Olga interact with her environment!

    Sharon: Ha! Well, you could give yourself credit for photographing the signs, at least. You were paying attention to the plant IDs, which is more than a lot of people do!

    Edna: Olga is pretty good at posing, though she barks at me sometimes if I take too long composing my picture.

    Mitchell: It's everywhere!

    Catalyst: We are indeed "a green and pleasant land," as the song says.

    Bug: Come to London! (Well, when COVID is over.)

    Beth: It's a great place for wandering!

    Jenny-O: Yeah, dim, cold and forbidding. And it's hard to tell without context, but although it's near a major path, it's basically out in the middle of the woods. I just don't understand why someone thought it was a good idea to spend all that money and effort THERE, and why a bench wouldn't be enough.