Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Maybe Too Much Trash

Yesterday was very domestic -- I made it to the grocery store and the butcher, and otherwise stayed home all day. So it's time for another assortment of random iPhone photos, taken over the past few weeks. Even more of them than usual seem to involve rubbish on the street!

First, though, these brightly colored tulips on a grave at the cemetery are made of wood.

Found this posted outside one of our supermarkets. What's the backstory here?! (I blurred out his face.)

This colorful label was on a box set out with other trash on the high street. Manastirka is apparently a Serbian plum brandy. The name means "from the monastery."

This was also set out with someone's rubbish -- a colorful photo of a cityscape, printed on canvas. I Googled it, and it's Seattle. I did not bring it home.

Someone got a little too wild partying with the soundtrack from "Hairspray"! The Turnblads have sung their last.

A neighbor got a delivery contained in perhaps the biggest box I have ever seen. (Kettler sells garden furniture.)

This nice engraving was on the wall at the hospital when I went for my blood test on Friday. I can't read the artist's name, but it seems to be titled "Adrift."

And this engraving -- of sorts -- was scratched into the sand at Fortune Green. It's nice to see that the USA still enjoys an international reputation for space travel and rockets, since our reputation in so many other ways seems to be sliding downward.

Finally -- there's something funny about a big ol' box of sliced cheese. And it found a second life as a rubbish bin. Waste not, want not!


  1. Steve you are a breath of fresh air with your quirky photos. So much nicer than reading about the V. My favorite here are the wooden tulips much better than plastic and the little boats.

  2. Another eclectic collection. Are you sure you are not a CIA agent? You slink around the streets like a spy. I spy with my little eye something beginning with (insert any letter).

  3. That is a beautiful engraving

  4. love the engraving of the boats (and the rocket is fun) but the rest is mostly...trash. hee hee

  5. Righteous iPhone Photo Montage - But You Know What I Am Going To Graciously Point Out - No Olga Girl Photos - Oh The Humanity

    P.S. Hide A Biscuit For Her Near Her Bed When She Its Aware Of It

  6. I love those wooden tulips! I thought they were real at first. You find the most interesting 'trash' on the streets of London.

  7. An interesting collection of photos there. Those wooden tulips are lovely.

  8. I think if I saw that etching "Adrift" at the hospital I would simply collapse on the floor and sob. It's very nice but not quite cheering, is it?
    "The Turnblads have sung their last." That made me laugh!

  9. Blurred face, how are we to know who to look out for? The city scape probably could have paid your rent on a Collect Seattle site. Not sure why but people seem to LOVE Seattle, especially the World's Fair Grounds. Love the party in a box and the huge box blocking the door. Hilarious. Wooden tulips are sweet- someone once told me , as i collected flowers strewn on the ground in front of a park bench dedicated to a dead person,, that taking flowers left for the dead will bring bad luck. The bouquet of sorts , lasted at least two weeks in a glass jar on my kitchen counter, no bad luck just compost.
    This post is most satisfying, thank you, it's like eating an entire jolly cake.

  10. Your camera finds all kinds of interesting things when you go for a walk.

  11. I once bought a bouquet of wooden tulips for someone. I figured they would last longer than real tulips. And they really were quite pretty. I love all these random photos. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  12. This collection of photos is a joy. As for the photo of scam artist, I remember him from DC (well, not exactly)... But he's probably one of those who came to visit his grandmother in the hospital, lost his wallet, is out of gas, and has no way to get back home to Horsham. (And it happens every couple of days.) Oh, god bless you for your help. Yeah, we were hit up once in DC and fell for it. Three days later, we were hit up again by the same young woman (supposedly from Virginia); same story. We remembered HER; she didn't remember US. Anyway, thanks for taking us along on your treasure hunt!

  13. That photo of the Seattle skyline certainly should make *someone* happy.

  14. Jeez Steve, I have trouble in a three-mile walk finding ONE photo for my blog, and YOU come up with so many more and they're all of interest, every one! Granted my walk is all gravel road, fields and trees, but ... I bet YOU'D find something to take a picture of. Do you give lessons? -Kate

  15. Briony: Thanks, and I agree -- the wooden tulips are MUCH better than plastic!

    YP: I don't have the same nefarious agenda the CIA does!

    GZ: Isn't it?! I'd buy it!

    Ellen: But trash is interesting, is it not?!

    Padre: She got a special can of food last night, so she's happy. (She usually get kibble, and various tasty treats from our plates, of course.)

    Sharon: I thought they were real too, from a distance, but they stayed fresh over too many days!

    Robin: Aren't they? I'd never seen them before.

    Ms Moon: I hadn't really thought of the metaphorical implications. I just thought it was a nice picture of boats. LOL

    Linda Sue: This picture is apparently readily available on various mail-order art sites. Or was, at least.

    Red: With a little help from me!

    Edna: I'd never even seen wooden tulips before!

    Mitchell: Ugh! Don't you HATE that?! I don't think I've been a victim of that particular scam -- but I have been scammed in other ways and it always smarts.

    Catalyst: Yeah, I hope someone picked it up, but I just can't take in everything! LOL

    Blondi: Well, it helps being in an urban area with a lot of debris! I didn't take these all on a single walk. They built up over a couple of weeks. :)