Friday, June 8, 2012

Curious Objects...

...found lying around our neighborhood.

We are being weather-challenged today. The forecast is "wet and windy, with gales or severe gales for many." (Odd wording, but that's straight from the BBC.) I'm a bit worried about our tomato plants, which are just tall enough to be battered by the wind -- we have the two tallest ones staked, but those gales are fierce on our balcony! Oh well. Nature will have to take its course.

This is the last day of Sarah's visit, so we're off to Trafalgar Square and a few more spots that simply cannot be ignored -- even in this weather.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love these photos! The witch hat!

Perhaps the warning is for tiny people, too.

The Bug said...

I love the photos too - each object is fascinating anyway & then them just being randomly left around - cool!

Good luck with your travels (although maybe you're done by now).

Lynne said...

For some reason my computer would not load the last two photos. Oh well, must be my odd connection.

Where is the witch's broom? Did you find any ruby shoes lying close by?

Wind is my least favorite thing weather-wise. I can pretty much cope with anything else. Except the wind.

Hope you had a good day out and about anyway!

Linda Sue said...

Hahaha- paper umbrella!
I suppose if we waited for good weather we would get a lot of nothing done...Rain here also- winter coat...But the dog does not seem to mind so out we go!

Ms.M said...

Those are very curious objects in deed. :)