Monday, June 25, 2012

Goodwill Glassware

Here's one from the archives! These pictures are really old -- I took them in the mid-1980s while I was in college. I had a collection of glassware I'd picked up piece by piece at Goodwill stores, and each one did its own crazy thing with sunlight.

Trying to capture this phenomenon, I loaded my Canon AE-1 with some artsy black-and-white film and toted the glassware outside one sunny day, where I arranged it on a piece of white posterboard.

I especially liked this bowl, which was salmon-colored. I used it to burn candles, which sent out long spirals of light.

I remember being disappointed when the pictures came back from the photo lab (ah, yes, film developing -- ugh). I didn't know anything about white balance at the time, and they all looked very gray and murky.

When I scanned them the other day I was able to correct the balance a bit, so that white background now looks more like it should. Finally, after 26 years!

I don't have any of this glassware anymore. I eventually gave it all back to Goodwill. I suspect it has probably returned to sand by now.


  1. Oh, I love these. Especially the first one and the second one.

  2. So interesting -- makes me want to get out my old camera and buy some black and white film --

  3. These are great photos! I love the light effects.

  4. lovely light designs!

    steve, could you send me your email address at thanks!

  5. GEMS! I do not know of this "sunshine" thing you speak of that makes glass do magic. These are SO frame-able...would look excellent in a high rent restaurant, if you happen to know of any being built nearby...

  6. These are great; I do remember your glassware collection. Can you show these to your photo instructor?

  7. These pictures are fabulous!