Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodnight, John Boy

We've had another week of chilly, dismal weather -- that is, up until today. The sun is shining and I probably should get outside and take advantage of it. I did manage a damp run yesterday as well as a walk up to Trellick Tower for yet another round of graffiti photography, followed by some picture-taking along Portobello Road.

I'm seriously considering buying a new camera. The cost kind of freaks me out, but my camera is puny compared to what's available these days, and if I'm going to take serious pictures I suppose I need the equipment. And given the amount of time I spend tromping around with my eye pressed to a viewfinder, it seems justified. I'm working up to it.

I've been watching reruns of "The Waltons" recently -- they're somewhat surprisingly available on British TV. Like my "Little House on the Prairie" binge a couple of years ago, this is a reconnection with a show I loved as a child. I think "The Waltons" is less sappy than "Prairie," but maybe only slightly.

(Photo: Portobello Road, yesterday.)


The Bug said...

I LOVED the Waltons! Especially those boozy elderly sisters :) I did NOT like Little House on the Prairie as much because Half Pint annoyed me. We were probably too much alike. Ha!

We love our Nikon D5000 DSLR. I just wish we had an even bigger zoom lens for it so we could take better pics of birds. But that is just too rich for our blood.

Lynne said...

Steve, what kind of camera do you have now? A new camera is always great to have. My new camera has developed a spot on the sensor so that in every photo there is an alien blob. Guess it goes back. :(

I loved the Waltons and especially when they were all little. What a greal show for teaching morals without actually preaching them. If you come by a movie called "The Homecoming" (a Christmas movie mostly) you should watch it. It was what launched the Waltons to begin with. Most of the cast is the same except for Olivia Walton who is played by Patricia Neale and the father and grandfather is different. Otherwise, all the children are the same and so is Grandma. I watch it every year!

37paddington said...

get the new camera but don't abandon the old. you're taking some really lovely photographs with it, and i love that we can really see all the details now that you're running them larger on the blog. i've been reading but not commenting lately, so much going on, my brain is too full, but i did want you to know how much i always enjoy the photos you take with that not so puny camera!

Linda Sue said...

I missed the whole Walton's thing- too busy being a hippie-fuck-electricity-just-give-me-dirt- sort of person.
I have an old beater camera that i inherited from my son- it is on it's last...Don't know what to get next because there are so many features that are not made anymore with this old tank, like the flip out screen that can rotate- great for taking photos over crowds and fences...dilemma. I think that you would be alright with any sort of camera- You have a gift for seeing!!!

Elizabeth said...

I still remember my punishment for staying up too late and reading under the covers: my mother said I couldn't watch "The Waltons" that week. This was a travesty -- no VCR, etc., so in order to see it, you had to wait for re-runs!

I'd love a new camera, too -- I've resorted of late to my Android phone, and I know that's lame. I would so love an SLR with a macro lens --

Steve Reed said...

Lynne, I've been shooting with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel DSLR. And Angella, I won't get rid of it -- I still like it, but I can shoot much higher resolution pictures with a newer model.

I'm glad to see "The Waltons" figures so prominently in everyone's past! (Well, except Linda Sue's.) Elizabeth, isn't it strange that you would be punished for staying up late to read? I used to read all night sometimes. Seems like that's the kind of behavior parents would want to encourage!

Steve Reed said...

Oh, and for the record, I also have a Canon PowerShot SD1100 that I carry when I just want a small point-and-shoot.

37paddington said...

I used the Canon, too! The vast majority of photos on my blog are taken with it! Love that little red camera.