Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Foxes

Some of you may remember that last August, I was intrigued by the stencils of foxes I kept finding throughout our neighborhood. I hadn't seen any new ones for a while, but then on Sunday Dave and I went to a party up in Queen's Park, which is north of us. There, lo and behold, were a few more foxes...

...including this stealthy fellow, the first one I've seen with his nose to the ground. (Love those orangey-brown fox colors!)

And on a related note, the store on Pembridge Road that plays host to a fox -- one I photographed for my post last year -- has closed, at least temporarily. I hope this doesn't spell doom for the fox, but then, he has had a good long run there.


  1. Love the foxes! I'm part Fox (my mother's family).

  2. Coco Kingdom, conquered by (?) Glad the little fox on bright pink will live on in your photo! Save the fox! Love the rust coloured one- I would put him on my wall!
    Re: the police thing- cuts are made in all of the wrong areas it seems- like shaving half of the underside of a bridge- it's still there but...

  3. Just FYI, everyone, Coco Kingdom is open once again. Apparently they were only closed for some brief remodeling. The fox has survived!