Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dress-up Dogs

While Jennifer and Jesse visited Westminster Abbey last week, I sat out on Parliament Square and ate lunch, which I'd brought with me in a bag -- two peanut butter sandwiches with watercress. (Most people think it's very weird to eat peanut butter with a vegetable, but I think of peanut butter as a savory food -- just like peanut sauce is savory in Thai cooking -- so why adulterate it with something as disgusting as jelly?)

Anyway, while I was sitting there, a couple walked up with two tiny dogs in carrying bags. The woman unpacked the dogs and dressed them in absurd little tutus. She then deposited the dogs on the edge of a planter and the man began photographing them, with Big Ben towering in the background.

On second thought, I guess those aren't tutus. They're more like ball gowns.

Anyway, the dogs sat through this ordeal, posing with an air of weary resignation. They've clearly been through this many times. I couldn't resist whipping out my own camera.

To me it seems very weird. But then, I was eating a peanut butter and watercress sandwich, so who am I to criticize?


The Bug said...

I've never thought of peanut butter that way - except, really I do. It's the salty to jelly's sweet, which as any woman will tell you is a POWERFUL combination :)

I love the little dresses! Not necessarily on the dogs - that IS strange - but they're really pretty.

Lorianne said...

Not only ballgowns, but pearls, too! Dressing up a dog isn't something I'd ever do...but I have to admit those two are adorable.

Steve Reed said...

LOL! I know, those pearls really make the outfit!

Linda Sue said...

Can't help but say AWWW- Love these little pooches- so tolerant. My friend has a Pug who loves to get dressed up and be carried around like a queen.
Peanut butter and crisp romaine lettuce has always been my fave.So, yes, your sandwich sounds perfectly delish.

Ms.M said...

How precious. LOL Yes, they do look like seasoned pros.

I don't think peanut butter and veggies are weird, but I used to love french fries in my ice cream. Maybe I am weird.