Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Street Art in Shoreditch

As promised, here's a selection of the street art I found in Shoreditch on Thursday. First, a beautiful cat stencil by C215.

These aliens were watching over a guy munching on an apple. (They remind me of the Argos aliens.)

I'm not sure who's responsible for this guy, apparently caught in the middle of brain surgery.

The portrait of the woman seems to be signed "Irony." The "Y U No" guy and "Puking Rainbows" have been around for a few months -- you may remember them from a past post.

Pen1 did a beautiful full-length stencil of Jodie Foster as Iris in "Taxi Driver." Most of the piece has since been scrawled over and tagged, but her face remains pristine.

Roses sprouting from the pavement!

I always get a kick out of the tiny scribbles people leave on walls. What possessed someone to draw this chair, no more than an inch high?

And finally, a single, lonely sperm -- but, as Dave pointed out, all it takes is one!


Linda Sue said...

Brilliant! Love street art in London so sorry I missed Shoreditch. These are such fun! Sperm all alone...so funny and a bit sad.
Thank you for taking us there!
(damn, your fish are so starving!)

Reya Mellicker said...

I love the tiny chair and the roses!

Puking rainbows ... wow ... what a concept.

Ms.M said...

Oh the I love the portrait signed by "Irony". Love street art. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. M

37paddington said...

such talent! i always wonder why such artists aren't also in galleries. thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

The universal nature of street art is always amazing. We have regular rumors of Bansky sightings in SF, or at least followers. And much of these could also be in Buenos Aires or Barcelona. I don't picture them showing up in Salt Lake City.