Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This is what happens when we get a lot of rain -- slithery things start crawling around on the sidewalks!

Our friend Kellee arrived yesterday from Michigan for a weeklong visit. So far we've only been able to show her that many pubs stop serving food between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. We tried to get a late lunch yesterday and had to settle for pizza at a little hole-in-the-wall near Queensway.

When we came back to our flat Dave made shepherd's pie for dinner, thus giving us our quotient of pub food. (I got in an early-morning run to offset this gluttony!)

We then shocked Kellee by showing her a TV program called "Embarrassing Bodies," on which doctors examine and address all manner of medical maladies. No part of the body is considered too intimate to be seen on this show, and no disorder too grotesque. I'm hardly a prude, but during "Embarrassing Bodies" I never cease to be amazed that I'm watching plain ol' broadcast television -- at prime time, no less. It would not fly in the states!


Elisabeth said...

The world always looks different from somewhere else, such I imagine is the life for an American living in England. It's funny because the British are renowned for their general reserve and the Americans for having a go at anything, but here in 'Embarrassing bodies' we see something very different.

I know it's winter when the snails come out, even here in Australia.

Gary said...

How is the Fourth of July over there? Do you miss the fireworks?

Linda Sue said...

In the States Television is becoming more censored- they bleep "bottom"...even on comedy central!
Such a scared little country, this.
I LOVE the cute little snail photo, what a charmer! We only have mountains of slugs here- they are less cute.

Lynne said...

The States are definitely prudish. I remember when we lived in Europe in the early 90s and even the commercials for soap/shower were showing naked skin that the US market would never show.

Hah. Reminds me of the show we saw in France called Tutti Frutti (or something like that) on mainstream TV that was basically a strip-question-and-answer show. Talk about racy! I think it was from Italy but I don't remember any more. Whew. After every wrong answer someone had to take a piece of clothing off. Imagine that in the US! :)

Ms.M said...

When I was an adolescent I remember a particularly wet summer in Mia. Ok what summer was not wet down there. But I remember lots of snails and taking one in as a pet. I even named her. :) Your picture reminded me of her.