Monday, May 13, 2013


Dave and I went with a friend to see the new "Star Trek" movie on Saturday. Dave had been eager to see it, but ultimately, I thought it was mediocre. Lots of action, and completely forgettable. Some parts were so close to parody that I couldn't tell whether we were supposed to take them seriously or not, and I heard uncertain laughter from others in the theater. And reimagining Khan from Ricardo Montalban to Benedict Cumberbatch? Overall, I predict outrage in the Trekkie world. (Apparently the movie opens later this week in the U.S.)

Afterwards the three of us came home, cracked a bottle of wine and watched a couple of episodes of the original series on DVD, just to recalibrate our Star Trek experience. No matter how many different incarnations this franchise goes through, none top the original series. I know those are fighting words for the Next Generation folks, but that's just the way it is.

Movie-wise, I much preferred the film we rented from iTunes last night: "North Sea Texas," a Belgian gay coming-of-age story. That might sound like cinematic agony to some, but it's an excellent movie.

Olga had quite a day in the park yesterday. We were out for a couple of hours, and she romped with other dogs and chased her Kong. She slept all afternoon. She's sleeping now, in fact. I think she's still recovering.

Otherwise, we had a routine weekend -- I compiled my weekly report for work and did all my usual household tasks. I also cleaned up the courtyard and parking lot, where someone allowed a trash bag to explode and the contents to be widely redistributed by the wind. We have trash bins that are located behind metal doors, and you'd be surprised (or maybe not) by how many people just can't bring themselves to open those doors and instead dump their trash on the sidewalk in front. Where foxes and other critters inevitably tear the bags open. *sigh*

(Photo: Near Mile End in East London, last week.)


  1. People are extremely lazy. and they just don't care. I'm still surprised that you have foxes in London. I guess they are your version of possums and raccoons.

    we went to see Oblivion and Ironman 3. We'll probably go see the Star Trek movie too.

  2. After seeing the trailer for Star Trek I was extremely skeptical since Rick and I are die-hard Trek fans. I don't know if I want to see it or not. I liked the original series with Captain Kirk, but I must admit I loved Next Generation and the spin off Deep Space Nine even better. I miss them.

    People here in NJ are slobs when it comes to dumping trash. They leave stuff in their grocery carts even though the store has provided a trash can at the cart corral. It disgusts me. They also just leave litter wherever they happen to be. Twice a year the town has volunteers that pick up along the roadways which does help somewhat.

  3. People are pigs, sometimes. Where I live, the Association gets fined if trash is left out of the dumpster, and you would be surprised what people leave out and how often...

  4. I do hope that North Sea Texas ends well, I read only to the part where Gino comes home, it is raining...
    Our town is pretty clean- it's like a crusade or something- even cigarette butts are picked up and put in plastic bags in the smokers pocket. Nice but sad for the crows.
    Love the photo of the long striding girls and really love the karma car! That is such a good idea! - fed the fish- you can relax. Got to run and hand feed the puppy now, he is a little bit spoiled.

  5. NOT the cigarette butts- that is not the sad for the crows part! What I meant was a tidy town is sad for the crows- crows don't usually smoke unless, of course, they are on fire.

  6. LOL Linda Sue - I was wondering about the crows smoking :) And I fed the fish too - hope they didn't eat too much!

    I'm more of a Firefly person than a trekkie. But I've never watched the movie because I know it's the end & it makes me sad. Ha!