Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Perfect Day in Trafalgar Square

Yesterday was about as ideal as weather can be -- temperatures in the high 60s, lots of sunshine. I took a long walk through Soho and down into Trafalgar Square, where I had fun watching the crowds.

It's not often that sunglasses are needed in England, but when that sun emerges, everyone seizes the opportunity to put them on.

A few people chose to sneak away to a shady spot for a quiet moment.

But nearly everyone seemed drawn to the sun, soaking it up, reveling in it -- even if only for a few minutes in the middle of a workday.

It really was a perfect day in Trafalgar Square -- even for those who professed that they'd rather be somewhere else.


  1. I am picking up fashion tips from these pictures!

  2. Looks like a glorious day to soak up the sun.

    Does he t-shirt say he'd rather be in (MALIBU?)

  3. Ms Moon: LOL!

    Lynne: Malibu, yes.

  4. I rather like the picture of the three people sitting on the bench. and the one of the black lady.

    to answer your question, the althea, also know as the rose of sharon, is a member of the mallow family, same as the hibiscus. blooms last only one day and they only bloom once (or twice) a year in mass. hibiscus bloom all year long as temperature permits. altheas also grow a little different and can be pruned into a small tree or a dense shrub.

  5. I’m reveling in your gorgeous photo of Trafalgar Square and wishing I was there to enjoy that sunshine and of course the rest of that wonderful city.

  6. Fabulous pics! I'd rather ... ? Did you notice what it said on that guy's orange tshirt.

  7. Looks like a gorgeous day! What I don't get is how people keep those little ear buds in their ears. My ears must be malformed because I can't get them to stay in at ALL.

  8. I have a picture of myself at age 5 with pigeons eating birdseed from my hand in Trafalgar Square. It is so odd to see it now, expansive and clean with no pigeons circling. How did they get rid of the pigeons?

    Your London sojourn brings back memories for me, some of them sweet. I think your time in London is, strangely, a corrective experience for me. Through your eyes, I see it much differently than I did when I lived and went to school there at age 5.