Monday, June 17, 2013


Here's one for the "what-not-to-name-your-business" photo file.

Dave and I stayed close to home yesterday. We toyed with the idea of going to a movie, but we couldn't find one we both want to see. We decided he could see "Superman" while I saw "The Great Gatsby," if we managed to find relatively synchronized showings -- and we did, but they were all the way over in Islington, and besides, what's the point of going to the movies with someone if you're going to sit in separate theaters? So we stayed home.

We did take Olga down to the canal and let her run loose. She loves the long grass that grows along the shore. She runs back and forth through it at top speed, then skids to a halt on her belly. It must feel ticklish and cool.

Speaking of which, we watched a show on TV last night in which British women were asked to design a new sex toy. I am not kidding. From a group of eight or so women, two were then chosen by the corporate sponsors to travel to China and see their devices manufactured. One of the winners came up with a vaguely heart-shaped "clitoral stimulator" and the other an expandable vibrator. Soon enough, the bright pink toys were rolling down an assembly line in Hong Kong, in front of banks of uniformed, blank-faced Chinese workers. (And what do they think, I wonder?)

Once again, I marvel at British television. It's not all "Downton Abbey"!

(Photo: Green Lanes, on Saturday.)


Ms. Moon said...

Sundays can be like that.

Kevin Wood said...

The reflections in that window don't make sense!

e said...

Movies and sex do lead an interesting life.

ellen abbott said...

I love that the two people in front of the hair salon have shorn heads.

Reya Mellicker said...

It surely is NOT all Downton Abbey. Hilarious.

Remember the Loud family? They launched "reality" TV. I wonder what they make of what has happened.

Linda Sue said...

The load of questionable objects made in China- program too damned cheap to mass produce their own bad ideas? I don't get that one at all. Westerners are crazy! Not sure why they want to own us...
The image of Olga running and sliding made my day!

37paddington said...

so is no one going to comment on the expanding vibrator? nope, not touching that either...

instead i'll just say that i liked gatsby better than superman, but i know people who felt the opposite. both are flawed, but this version of gatsby, by my lights, is worth seeing.

The Bug said...

Did they do any product testing? And where can I sign up for that? Ha!

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: Indeed!

Kevin: I don't know what is up with those reflections. I noticed that too. Maybe the window is at a slight angle? In the large version of the photo I can see the reflection of my arm, just barely, to the right of the man's face -- and I was standing across the street.

E: Well, it was just a TV show about sex toys. Not quite THAT interesting. :)

Ellen: I know! They opted to have the "mess" removed entirely.

Reya: I've never seen "An American Family" but I wish they would rebroadcast those shows or make them available on DVD. That was legendary TV.

Linda Sue: I know. I shudder to think of Chinese factories churning out all that junk.

Angella: Good to know re. Gatsby! Everyone has been so down on it, but I'm intrigued. Still one of my all-time favorite books.

Bug: They didn't mention it! I would think the risk of a bad experience might offset the benefits of a good one!