Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Lavender

You'll be glad to know that my morning crankiness dissipated yesterday, as crankiness always does, and the student concert turned out to be enjoyable and surprising in many ways. I felt a little guilty for grousing, given how well the day turned out. So I take it all back. Well, most of it.

The concert included some of my favorite music: Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie No. 1" and Debussy's "Reverie," for example. And the selection was diverse -- a Zulu folk song, a percussion ensemble, Louis Prima's "Jump, Jive an' Wail," and "My Funny Valentine" were among the 23 pieces on the bill.

Dinner last night was fun, too. Not really a dinner so much as a post-concert pub debriefing among all the music teachers. I can never contribute much when they're all talking about tonalities and key signatures, but fortunately we also touched on current cinema and summer travel plans.

Today my plan is to get out with my camera. I'm not sure where yet. I haven't had wandering time alone sans dog in many days. Oh, and I still need to do my weekly sub report, which I didn't get to yesterday. Big fun!

(Photos: A bee on our balcony lavender plant, this morning.)


  1. Sometimes it's the things we dread most that turn out to be the best experiences. I do not know why that is.
    Beautiful shots of the lavender and the bee.
    Good morning, Steve!

  2. great pics of the lavender and the bee. I so need a new camera. lavender doesn't grow well down here, gets too hot for too long I guess. There is one variety I think that will grow.

  3. Glad to know the grumpiness was only temporary. I hope you have a good week.

  4. Pretty lavender! I want to try to grow some...

    I had that experience once with a concert at Mike's university. A requiem mass for Holocaust remembrance day. I was NOT looking forward to it - it was John Rutter (who I usually think is bizarre). But it was actually VERY good and meaningful. I was glad I went, after the fact. Of course I wrote a poem about it - ha!

  5. Beautiful shots. I particularly like the texture of the bee's wings on the second one. I am slowly coming back to life! :)

  6. OH Cool! Bumble bee on plump lavender, looks as though they are mating. You know, even you "bad" times sound like great times to me so when you have a really great time it sounds like fantasy!! I think that weather is improving!