Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Remember the Karma Kab? A couple of days ago I took Olga out and there were both Karma Kabs, parked nose-to-tail on the street. I couldn't run back for the camera, though, because I had the dog, and by the time we got back from our walk they were gone. Oh well.

I tried to hire the Karma Kab to transport us to Dave's upcoming birthday dinner. But sadly the Kab is now only available for weddings and photo shoots -- not actual cab rides. My karma is apparently not very good!

Olga survived yesterday morning, when Dave and I were both at work, just fine. In fact it was a challenging day for her all around, because we were both gone in the late afternoon, too -- Dave had a school dinner and I hosted a pub gathering for all the substitute teachers. That was a lot of fun -- meeting people I've spoken to throughout the year on the phone but never seen face-to-face. They never get a chance to hang out with each other, either, so I think it gave everyone an end-of-the-year boost.

This morning, when I made coffee, I was dismayed to find we're out of sugar. We're also out of honey. Have you ever had coffee sweetened with molasses? It's not my favorite, but it will do in a pinch.

(Photo: Soho, last week.)


Lynne said...

LOVE the photo. All those purples. And, oh, did you wait specifically for a girl with a purple shirt to come along? :)

Glad Olga didn't chew your flat apart while you were gone. This is a good sign that she will tolerate your new full time job!

Molasses in coffee? Hmm ... maybe not.

Ms. Moon said...

That picture is just amazing. The energy!
Get to the store, Mister! I'm sure by now you already have.

Reya Mellicker said...

Coffee and molasses? Hmmm.

Congratulations and mazel tov on your new job!

Poor Olga. But she will adjust, she will. Dogs are great that way.

Fantastic picture!

Reya Mellicker said...

When I lived at Tahoe I worked in the community college library. I loved that job.

The Bug said...

My dad's wife refers to molasses in the plural - she's always talking about how good "they" are. For some reason I find this hard to get my mind around. I'll have to ask her what she thinks about putting them in coffee :)

ellen abbott said...

The only thing I use sugar for is when I make iced tea or the rare times I bake. I use honey for everything else. If I'm out of honey my fall back is brown sugar. I don't think I would ever consider molasses even if we had some. but besides all that, I drink my coffee black. oh and that is a great photo.

e said...

Molasses and coffee? Nah. As for Olga, I had a feeling she'd adjust. I hope you like the job.

Elizabeth said...

Remarkable photo, Steve!

Linda Sue said...

A family of three moles awoke one morning, papa mole poked his head out of their wee tunnel and said "I smell pancakes", mama squeezed beside him just barely and said " I smell honey" and baby mole, under his parents said " I smell molasses", I am so sorry, I couldn't resist- I know- I know... The karma kab should change it's name. Marriage motor, maybe.