Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am officially done with work until mid-August. Whew! I went in to school yesterday and turned in my computer and the substitute-request cell phone, and I must say it's great to be back down to just one phone -- my battered old iPhone, which almost never rings. (The only person who ever calls me on it is Dave, and we're more likely to text.)

It's also great to have my workspace cleared from the dining room table, and have the computer cord off the floor so I don't have to wrestle it aside while vacuuming, and have all the accessory wires and the lock and the dongle (whatever that's for) out of the drawer in the spare room. Begone!

The breakfast meeting was fun yesterday morning, but I was suddenly aware of my middle-agedness -- I had to hold the menu far, far from my face to focus on it, and I had trouble hearing over the clatter of dishes and hiss of the espresso machine. I'm not sure it's time for a hearing aid yet, but I probably should get an eye exam. It's far down on my list, after some new clothes.

We also had an all-school meeting and a luncheon, and I finally got back home to Olga at 3 p.m. or so. She was fine, but she'd eaten the mail after it came through the mail slot -- including a birthday card for Dave from my dad and stepmother -- and she was raring to go outside. We took a long walk so she could blow off steam.

Dave and I rented "The Guilt Trip," with Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen, last night. It was a cute movie that required very little analysis or critical thinking -- perfect after a tiring day!

It's amazing how long our daylight lasts now, on the cusp of the summer solstice. When we went to bed at 10:30 p.m., there was still a tinge of sunset, and this morning I woke up briefly at 3:48 a.m. with light in the sky and the birds singing.

(Photo: A colorful wall of student artwork at school.)


e said...

It's always nice to have some down time, especially before travel...I hope you enjoy it. Sorry Olga ate your mail. She's a bit of a diva isn't she?

Lynne said...

A mail slot wouldn't work in my house ... my dogs love to chew paper if left where they can get at it. Sometimes they even surf for paper in our office trash can. Bad dogs!

Just get yourself some over-the-counter magnifiers for that fine print! I have about five or six pair scattered throughout the house and can never seem to find a pair when I need them! :)

I used to love those late twilights when we lived in Amsterdam. The early sunrises, not so much. You need a blackout curtain!

Ms. Moon said...

Although working from home is everyone's dream, there are drawbacks, aren't there?
I loved the line about how an eye exam is below buying new clothes on your to-do list. I completely understand.

The Bug said...

I SHOULD have prescription readers (each of my eyes has a different prescription), but I don't bother. I bought a $15 3 pack & put them in strategic places around the house :)

Linda Sue said...

I could live with that wall of colour! Cheery! Waking up to that every morning would set the day in optimism. Finally got some transitional lenses that are also polarized, for my old eyes- They are GREAT- I like glasses, they make me feel secure- weird, I know, probably some rationalization. Highly recommend polarized lenses- you will look so cool! Maybe Olga wants a pal...I'll bet there is another more mellow pooch- waiting for you somewhere, homeless and yearning for a little sister to mind during the day. ( easy for me to say, after Dexter is gone- no more pups in this house!) Enjoy your month of summer! Loving the northern 10:00 pm sunlight!

Nancy said...

That artwork sure looks a lot like my pine burr quilt. The gods must be confirming that we're all on the right track. Also, I think you're required to say "Hoovering" instead of vacuuming, but thank god you get your dining room back. Enjoy!

Ana Balka said...

Oh I miss the long hours of sun. And wish I could have been there with you guys for the lunch at school!

Time for some readers, then! You'll look good in glasses.