Thursday, June 27, 2013

We're Getting Things Done Around Here

The little paper fox that I found posted on Portobello Road soon after we moved here has weathered pretty severely in the past two years. But he's still hanging on!

So, yes, DOMA is unconstitutional. Our society continues to bend with the arc of the moral universe, towards justice, to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I'm happy but I also feel a little numb. We'd all read that there was a good chance this ruling would come about, and after all, it makes so much sense. There is no justifiable reason to deny marriage to one subset of the population. I guess I'm numb because to me, it just seems so obvious.

My friends in California are thrilled at the apparent functional demise of Proposition 8, as well. It is a good day for common sense.

This still doesn't immediately affect Dave and I -- the UK has yet to pass gay marriage, though there is movement in that direction. Even then, what will we do? We're already civil unioned, so we've declared the legal and emotional commitment. I suppose we may go ahead and marry, just to make everything clear and final -- unless existing civil unions automatically become marriages? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I got Barcelona ironed out. I mentioned yesterday what a nightmare looking for a flight turned out to be. Booking a hotel was drama, too! I went through a long process of browsing through hotels until I found one I liked, and when I prepaid the room -- BOOM -- suddenly none were available! Geez! So I found a second hotel, but then I had to walk the dog and my reservation timed out. Finally, after a third try, I set us up successfully.

We also ordered a patform bed, so sleeping on the mattress on the floor is coming to an end. (It's being delivered Saturday!) We signed a new lease. And I finally received by mail order a pair of cranberry pants -- though they turned out to be more Santa Claus red than cranberry. I can live with that. Ho ho ho!


Elizabeth said...

I think a wedding with you and Dave in cranberry pants is in order, particularly as your internet friends will need to participate.

Add that to your list of things to do!

Kevin Wood said...

Steve Reed--Fashion Flouter:
Why are so many men wearing green pants? (

Reya Mellicker said...

I hope there will be pictures of the santa claus pants. Please?

I love what you said - that it was a good day for common sense. Indeed.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. There MUST be a picture of the cranberry pants.
And I must agree with Elizabeth- a wedding would be so very nice for all of us so if you and Dave decide to go that route, we can all send you gifts and congratulations and toast to you in our own homes and it will be lovely and we would like that very much.
Thank you.

The Bug said...

Shoot - if you get married I want to be there in person! (Then I'll take Mike to Germany because he has wanted to go for years). Ha!

e said...

If you get wed in cranberry pants, I'd bring my camera just for the occasion and immortalize the moment...

I hope you both enjoy the new bed and your new pants.

Nancy said...

I thought about you and the cranberry disco britches just the other day. Don't know what prompted the thought, but... I might be psychic. And now, suddenly, I'm craving a glass of Ocean Spray!

Lynne said...

Lot of things happening! All good!

Ana Balka said...

I join the throng demanding photo of cranberry pants.

That reminds me of when I said something to Lorraine about how I couldn't find any pants that fit. She grimaced and reminded me that in UK, pants are underwear. The pants to which I referred were trousers. I of course, said that I prefer SLACKS to trousers. Show us your slacks, Steve!