Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Post About Nothing

Why do I find papered-over windows on a storefront so intriguing and photogenic?

Not much to write about today. I had a very low-key day yesterday, walking the dog and finishing my book. There aren't even any details to bore you with! So please, carry on, and enjoy your weekend.


Linda Sue said...

Just catching up with your blog! Been busy- Your eye for photography always delights!Glad you don't have to move any time soon- enjoy the summer- sounds like your new job will be demanding! Olga may have to come and live with US!!!

e said...

Thanks for your e-mail...Methinks you underestimate yourself, but that is okay. Have a good weekend.

Vivian said...

living in the midwest, never traveling to another country but thinking if i did it would be England....what is the food like there? i know a boring question.
love love love the pictures and of course i love your dog...she is fun.

The Bug said...

I always want to peek inside those covered up windows - even though I know it's just empty space, or just a jumble of leftover stuff. But who knows - there could be a fabulous surprise in there!