Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Decision-Making

Well, the deed is done. I bought a ticket to go to Florida on Dec. 27, and I'll stay a bit more than a week. I feel really good that I've taken that step, even though the ticket price is killing me. I'd been on the fence about going home anyway, so I'm glad I finally made what I think is the right decision.

We still don't know exactly what's going on with Dad, but it continues to seem that the initial scare may not be as bad as I feared. That doesn't mean he's in good health -- he's had ongoing health issues for years. But perhaps we are not in crisis mode.

I walked to and from work yesterday, which gave me the opportunity for some night photography. It's dark practically all the time now -- from about 4:00 p.m. until about 7:30 a.m. So given my work schedule, if I'm going to take any photos, they'll probably be night shots! Dave had a work dinner to attend, so I sat at home with Olga in the evening and listened to music and had red wine, green pea and mint soup and peanut butter sandwiches, which is my idea of heaven all the way around.

Christmas came early for Olga! She got a groovy new Union Jack dog bed, which she quickly colonized and made her own. You may remember from my photos earlier this week that she had been sleeping on a rather ratty old bedspread. (When she wasn't in our bed, that is.) I've wanted to toss that bedspread for months, but I kept hesitating because she loved it so much. Well, now it's gone, and good riddance.

(Top: Headlights at a crosswalk, St. John's Wood, last night.)


  1. Olga looks so content. I am glad you're going to see your dad. I'll be traveling around then to see my mom too.

  2. I bet you feel better now that you've made your decision and I'm glad you're going to see your dad. He'll be glad to see you.
    When we're in Costco, the dog beds look so comfy that I'm always tempted to buy one just to use for myself. Or for one of the grandkids. When did dogs start getting these luxurious beds? Olga sure looks like it's a good idea.

  3. It's good that you are going home for a visit. He may not be in crises mode but people that age can and do die suddenly. And apparently, all Olga needed was a new bed to transfer her affection to.

  4. praying for you Dad's health and yes i think you made the right choice to go home, i am sure he will appreciate your visit.
    i love Olga!

  5. Love Olga's new bed!

    I'm glad you bought the ticket -you won't regret it :)

  6. Your photo today has me wondering if I might have walked right past the school where you work when I was there in November. I did make the pilgrimage to Abbey Road and I do remember passing a school. Is it possible I walked right past where you work?

    Oh and, I love Olga's new bed. It's perfect!

  7. I like the sneak of white light on the wall, also the hearth and fireplace. My mum's mum had one just like this, dating from when her house was refurbished and a "back boiler" added during the nineteen-thirties.

    Your street photos which include a single passer-by are always timed so well.

  8. Olga is lovely in her new bed, and yeah it's DARK. Just a few days to solstice, then it starts to turn around. Though - it doesn't get dark till 5:15 here. It's too early!

    So glad you're heading to Florida. The words "these are the days of your life" run through my mind all the time since I turned 60. I keep asking myself, What am I Waiting For? Go see your dad! You love him and he loves you. Anything could happen tomorrow.

    Give him a big hug from me.

    xx love you Steve <3

  9. Angella: We can wave to each other from passing planes. :)

    Ms Moon: I do feel better. It's a relief to have that settled.

    Ellen: As a friend of mine's grandmother used to say, "You never know!"

    Vivian: Thanks for the good thoughts. Olga loves you back!

    Bug: Someone once told me you only regret things you DON'T do. I'm not sure that's really true, but in this case it probably would be. So yeah, I'm happy with my decision.

    Sharon: Yes, that probably was our school! We work at The American School in London, which is near the St. Johns Wood tube stop. You would have passed it on the way to Abbey Road.

    Peter: I've noticed that I usually gravitate to shots with just one person. I'm not sure why that is! I suppose they seem less cluttered and maybe quieter, more introspective.

    Reya: It IS dark! I don't know why that would surprise me, since I live through it every year, but it always does. Love you too! :)