Thursday, December 5, 2013

Morning Delays and Interruptions

There are ghosts in the machine this morning. When I turned on Blogger, for some reason, my entire toolbar had disappeared -- I couldn't upload photos or adjust my text or anything. So I fiddled around and tried to look at reported issues, and darned if I could find any kind of help forum, though there may be one. (I know there used to be one.) And then I restarted my computer and behold, the toolbar showed up. Very strange.

Now I'm behind and I haven't even walked the dog yet. *sigh*

I got more news about my dad, and it sounds like things might not be quite as critical as I had feared, but he's still having tests and it's too early to say for sure. I'm still thinking I will go to Florida but I have not yet bought tickets -- Dad suggested I wait for those test results. Dave and I have Christmas plans here that I would like to see through, so maybe I can go right after Christmas and then stay until after New Year's. I can get a personal day or two from work if necessary. We shall see.

I walked to and from work yesterday, and took a walk at lunch, too. It felt good to move around. Every time I walk to work I save £2.80, which is how much my commute costs -- that's equivalent to $4.59 per trip on the tube. Can you believe the freaking tube is that expensive? It's ridiculous. I'm going to try to walk a lot more often.

Olga woke up loudly snorting in the middle of the night, like she had something stuck in her nose. She sounded like a revving engine, and really threw her whole body into it. Dave and I both got up and brought her out to the kitchen and her water bowl, and then Dave took her outside to try to calm her down a bit. She eventually came back to bed and slept, but the whole episode was very weird.

(Photo: A street sweeper in St. John's Wood, yesterday.)


  1. Hi Steve. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I sliced my finger (index) open pretty badly and it hurts to type. It's starting to heal now.

    First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I hope the test results are good ones.

    Olga: consider that she might have kennel cough, especially since she was just in the kennel. It kind of sounds like it. Some dogs just get over it while others need antibiotics. It's kind of like a head cold for dogs.

    I'll be going back through your earlier entries and reading and leaving comments now!

  2. That does seem like a lot of money for public transport.

  3. I know you love to walk, but maybe you need a bicycle for your work commute :)

  4. That cost for riding the tube is really expensive. I put a total of 50 pounds on my Oyster card while I was there and just realized that's $81.00. I guess the best way to look at that is that cabs would have been a lot more.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he receives good news. I'm sending lots of love in your direction.

    What a weird day! Hope tomorrow is more settled.

  6. My reading list on my dashboard on blogger regularly disappears but it always comes back. The first time it happened I freaked. Now I just refresh the page til it shows up again.

    Hope your dad is OK.