Friday, December 27, 2013

Fen, Chaffinch and Tractor

Just a few photos today, because I'm traveling virtually all day and need to get on the road! The wind is howling out there, so let's pray for no train/plane disruptions.

We took our morning walk yesterday in an area known as a fen -- a mossy, uneven bit of ground studded with broom bushes and bare trees. Kind of an interesting landscape, and the hard ground was nice because it made Olga's Kong bounce extra high.

This is a chaffinch, spotted yesterday morning by the bird feeders at our guesthouse. I shot several photos of tits, robins and one unidentified bird. (Stay tuned.)

Finally, this old steam-powered tractor surprised us by driving through the village late yesterday morning. It stopped at the house across the street, where the woman in the green vest seemed to deliver a small parcel. A pretty complex method of package delivery, but very cool! The steam whistle really rattled windows.


  1. I think this post -- what with "chaffinches" and "fens" should be titled "Shadows and Light -- Bronte style"

  2. You are going to experience some culture shock when you hit the states. Be prepared.

  3. that top photo is gorgeous. we see tractors and all sorts of mowers, rakers, plowers here on the county roads quite often. all gas powered though. and they don't deliver packages.

  4. I'm wishing you safe travels today!

  5. You have a time machine?
    and Olga can go to high Kong?
    you photograph TITS?
    wow, best post ever!

  6. Great pictures! Safe travels. Look forward to Florida pics.