Monday, December 23, 2013

Off to Norfolk

As the title says, Dave and I are off to Norfolk today, taking Olga for her second adventure on a British train. We leave early this afternoon, and the morning will involve packing and preparation. I'm bringing along all my stuff for Florida too, so I can go straight to Heathrow without coming back to Notting Hill -- thus I have to think about what I'll need for both trips in two completely different climates.

Actually, the most complicated part involves cords and chargers for the camera and computer, since England and America have different electrical systems with different plugs. *sigh*

On the bright side, I found a very nice length of silvery, shimmery Christmas ribbon lying on the sidewalk when I walked Olga this morning. It's a sort of filmy fabric embossed with silver snowflakes.  Note to family members: Don't be surprised if it turns up on your present.

I took Olga down to the canal yesterday during a break in the weather, and I finally cleaned up the dead leaves that wintry winds had left behind on our balcony. In the evening, we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas," thus fulfilling one of my few holiday requirements.

(Photo: A street corner in Notting Hill, with dubious holiday lighting.)


  1. Well, have a wonderful time in Norfolk and hopefully, once you get traveling, things will unfold nicely.
    Love the image of the ribbon. Glad you picked it up.

  2. I'm so glad Olga gets to go with you for the holiday. She's a real traveler!

    Have a wonderful time! I hope your dinner is delicious!

  3. Have a wonderful time! I love that you picked up that ribbon. It strikes me that Olga came to the perfect family.

  4. The lighting is none too cheerful, I agree.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to hearing/seeing pics of Norfolk and Florida. Hope your father is doing much better.