Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yuletide Festivities on the Home Front

Behold what I have created. (Well, not the tree itself. As Joyce Kilmer famously wrote, "Only God can make a tree.")

If you know me, you know decorating for holidays isn't really my thing.  Every year I debate whether to even bother, and usually I don't. A couple of years ago I did manage to erect a tree after a failed experiment at fireplace decoration, but that was not typical.

Last night, walking home from work, I decided to take the plunge. I picked up a tree on Portobello Road for £25, and I pulled out our one strand of lights and our handful of ornaments, and BAM! We're good to go!

Our ornament selection is really minimal. Here's one from our trip to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh in July 2012, and we have a few random red balls that I found several years ago -- I kid you not -- in the trash. (Why would someone throw away perfectly good ornaments?)

We have six little critters like this squirrel made of straw or sisal or some kind of bristly substance. I bought them at Target in New Jersey in 2009. They've already lasted longer than I ever expected.

And we have this brass music note, a gift from Dave's oldest sister. And that's pretty much it.

When I lived in New York by myself, I never put up a tree. But I must say, it's kind of nice to have one. I love the soft glow of the colored lights. My grandmother used to say that it never felt like Christmas until the tree went up.

Dave wants to get some tinsel, too -- because, as you may remember, when we adopted Olga last January, her name at the shelter was Tinsel. I hope we don't -- I'd just as soon not have to pull it out of the vacuum cleaner. But if we do, something tells me Olga will develop very sparkly poop.


  1. Your tree is pretty and so cozy. I confess to loving Christmas trees -- and we have gazillions of ornaments, most of which I adore.

    I started reading about the tinsel and immediately thought of Olga!

  2. Well. That tree does look so cozy that I might...MIGHT...put one up.
    I don't know.
    But I do like yours.
    And you know darn well Olga would be eating that tinsel but tinsely poop can be festive, I suppose.

  3. What a sweet tree! We have tinsel on our tree and thankfully no one bothers it. We have had a cat that loved to eat tinsel and finding strands of tinsel in the litter box was odd. We've had several dogs that just took it right off the tree too.

    So ... maybe not a good idea with Olga given her propensity for eating things. ;)

  4. I considered getting a tree this year, but in the end didn't because there is no place to put it in this tiny apartment.

    But I love bringing the forest inside through the Yule season. I love conifers, too, and was imagining only having ornaments that look like planets (I own no ornaments at all).

    In the end I bought a nice wreath for the front door. It smells delicious and takes up no space.

    Happy holidays!

  5. Nice looking tree! I spotted that crown shaped ornament immediately because I bought one just like it except mine says Buckingham Palace on it.
    I put mine up last weekend. I debate every year but somehow I always give in.

  6. oh man, that was my thought exactly when you said Dave wanted tinsel. Olga will surely eat it. I never put up a tree or decorate in any fashion as I don't celebrate christmas. I was raised episcopalian, I raised my kids jewish but I moved away from all religions many years ago.

    re your question in case you don't go back for an answer (and why would you as I never answer on my blog but I would via email if your comment came with a viable email address)...no I don't have any on-line sales venues. I guess you would contact me directly via email (which you can get off my profile or website www.emstudioglass.com). I could send any interested party images of what is available.

  7. Our trees had tinsel and scratchy angels hair when I was a kid. As an adult I felt very liberated by my decision to forgo both. I live your tree just exactly as it is but Dave's nod to Olga's origins is sweet too.

  8. *love your tree. Blame autocorrect. :)