Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Earworms and Owls

I am slowly getting back into the London swing of things. While I was in Istanbul I could not get the song "Istanbul not Constantinople" out of my head -- at least it's a good song, but it was still an earworm that was making me crazy. It has now subsided somewhat, a sure sign that I'm getting back to normal. (I almost always have a tune of some kind going through my brain, often subconsciously. At just this moment it's a k.d. lang song, "Sorrow Nevermore.")

This morning I'm off to a book store to try to track down a book for a student. The library ordered it from Amazon but it's on back-order and not due to arrive for more than a month, so I thought I'd try some local shops. It would be nice if she could have it to read during the winter break.

Here is a belated addition to the Wine Zoo -- Horny Owl from South Africa, which we came across in a wine shop on Sunday evening and bought solely for the amusing label. (I'm a very shallow wine buyer. I freely admit it.) Actually it was pretty good!

(Top photo: Doors near Bond Street in Mayfair, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.)


  1. I usually buy books and wine for the same reason...for their cover. Sometimes it works out...

  2. Great label!
    Lately, instead of song earworms, I've been getting word and name earworms. My brain repeats certain names over and over. Does this mean I'm crazy? I would not doubt it.

  3. Love the label! That's exactly how I would buy wine - but then I don't actually like wine so it doesn't much matter how it tastes :)

    I didn't have an earworm until you said that you always have one so I paused to listen & heard, "you better watch out, you better not pout.." So thank you for that. Ha!

  4. Yum, South African wine! They make great wine there! You should visit one day--it's gorgeous!

    That song was in some movie that I watched not long ago. Hmm..maybe Mona Lisa Smile?? It is catchy.

  5. I read somewhere that only a very small part of the population can tell a cheap wine from an expensive wine so labels are my method of choice when buying wine.