Monday, December 26, 2016

All at Sea

This was our view all day yesterday — water and more water. And sky.

(Have I ever before lived an entire day without seeing any land? I’m not sure!)

Specifically, the photo above shows the view from the Promenade Deck, which — as its name suggests — includes a walkway that circles the deck of the ship. Three times around the deck equals a mile. Yesterday, after breakfast, I started walking laps to get some exercise. I walked at least two miles, but maybe more, because I lost count of how many times I went around! It was super-windy and I got spray-coated by a mist of salt water.

Maybe that wind is part of the reason that the seas got a bit rockier yesterday. I’ve discovered that I’m not susceptible to seasickness, which is a relief! In fact, the motion was kind of comforting — like being rocked in a hammock. (I’m sure there’s a threshold at which I would feel sick, and let’s hope we never reach it.)

The fact that yesterday was Christmas barely occurred to me, despite the poinsettias on our dining tables and the omnipresent Holiday Classics soundtrack playing in the ship’s public areas. All the crew members are wearing red Santa hats, but I’ve come to think of them as just part of the uniform.

Dave and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner with the family, and we all played afternoon trivia in the scenic Crow’s Nest bar. We didn’t win, but we didn’t badly lose, either. And let me just say, a couple of gin and tonics make navigating the decks of a rocking ship an interesting experience!

After lunch I sat up in the Crow’s Nest and read “H is for Hawk,” a memoir by a woman who’s fascinated by birds of prey — especially goshawks. It’s partly about falconry and partly about larger issues of life and death and growth. I haven’t yet decided whether I like it. It’s well-written, but falcons and hawks are less my thing than hers — the idea of putting a hood on a wild bird’s head and subjugating it to human whims seems a bit cruel to me.

Speaking of wild things, here’s the animal of the evening! Any guesses? I thought it was a sitting elephant, but it doesn’t seem to have a trunk, exactly. Dave thinks it’s a monkey. Hmmm….


  1. I may be way off the mark here but I think that that thing on the bed is a towel...possibly two towels. As for seasickness, I think it's unlikely to happen on a massive cruise ship. When you get it on a smaller boat, death seems a more attractive option.

  2. I believe that is a towel animal. Undetermined species.
    Animalias Toweleta.

    I remember when we were on a cruise once and were walking down the passageway to our room and a lovely older lady was walking towards us. The ship took a sudden roll and she stumbled a bit and said, "I only had one drink! I swear!"

  3. well, yes, it does sort of look like a monkey. and I know for a fact I have never spent an entire day without seeing land.

  4. Looks like you are faring well, Matey, Arrrrggggh. And of course that is a monkey, because they could not fashion a parrot out of two towels. I am not fond of being out at sea... small boats are frightening. large ones are Titanic-ish. Dealing with the medium sized, stable, ferries up here in the land of water is just about all I can handle. You should come here sometime and use your newly acquired skills!

  5. I'll go with monkey! I remember seeing those towel animals was one of the few things I enjoyed about the cruise I took. The other thing I enjoyed was seeing dolphins following the boat and breaching the water occasionally. I even think I saw a whale in the distance but, I can't be sure.

  6. That is the elusive elephkey, with the "ph" being silent, of course ...

    The water is so blue! Thanks for that shot. And good for you for getting in your exercise. I feel like I need a 20-mile walk today.

  7. Well, that's a pleasant way to spend a day. I can imagine what it would be like to cross the Atlantic of Pacific.

  8. Your post reminds me what it was like to travel to the US by ship when I was a kid, minus the gin, of course.

  9. I don't get seasick either and actually LOVE that rocking motion! I'm glad you're having a nice time so far. I read Hawk but have to admit that I found it boring.

  10. Ye-Gods! First they take you totally out of sight of land, then they torment you with strange towel animals. I don't think I would like a cruise, though that afternoon reading in the Crow's Nest lounge does appeal to me.