Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fashion Flash Mob

After French class yesterday (and thank god THAT's over) I went walking in Marylebone and Soho, looking for good photo opportunities. I came across some interesting characters in Soho, dressed to the nines.

Turns out they were with an outfit called Live Fashion, which takes fashion shows to the street -- more about that here. They have a YouTube channel and an Instagram page, too. They paused in front of this boutique and attracted a spontaneous gaggle of photographers. We were popping off frames while their ringleader took photos of us.

(The woman in the beige coat is doling out vodka, BTW.)

There was some vamping and vogueing for the cameras...

...and some brief lounging on a passing sportscar. (I hope the driver was in on the joke. He did furiously rev his engine at one point.)

It was a hoot! As I told another guy there taking pictures, you just never know what you'll find walking around London.

(I do love that blue suit on the left...)


  1. The Sunday Times used to have a 'What Are You Wearing' feature which 'ordinary' people and their take on fashion. I'm pretty sure that some of them were taking the piss and I wrote about it back in 2011.

  2. Well, you'd certainly never see THAT in Lloyd.

  3. What fun to run into this group. I would have been right there with you snapping away!

  4. A seen in my little Norfolk village every day! Oh, we know how to live.

  5. Dare ya to wear that suit on the left! These are fun and colorful.

  6. Yes, the blue suit would be most appropriate for the forthcoming cruise but I think the spacious black and white Sinbad the Sailor pantaloons would be even better.

  7. this is fabulous! and you were the perfect person to happen across it! what a stylish bunch.