Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Lights, and More

Another photo melange today, since we're busy packing this morning for our takeoff around noon.

First, a shot of Olga -- to help ameliorate my guilt at sending her away last night with the dog sitter. This was during a recent walk near the cemetery. Squirrel!

Olga, for the record, went with the dog sitter uncomplainingly. I don't think she's too distressed.

I had the most bizarre dream early yesterday morning. I dreamed I was on a rooftop in Brooklyn with two friends -- people I do not know in real life -- and we were using a baseball bat to hit baseballs across the adjacent rooftops, letting the balls crash down onto the houses and streets and cars below. Some guy who lived down there got annoyed with us and stomped up the stairs and onto the roof, holding a batting helmet. "You may want this," he said, shoved it at me, and stomped away grumpily.

This dream is peculiar because, in real life, hitting a baseball is just about the least likely thing for me to do (except possibly catch a football), especially under such mischievous circumstances. How do I even know about the existence of a batting helmet? It's like someone else dreamed a dream and put it in my head!

The stubborn footstool, which I photographed nearly five months ago, is still sitting outside this house a few blocks from ours. Apparently the homeowner and the garbage collectors are in a standoff.

We have several neighborhood Christmas trees, including one with green lights on West End Green and another in front of some businesses on the high street.

And Harvard Court, a block of flats (along with Yale Court) on an adjacent street, has installed some Christmas lighting out front. At least, I think those colored lights are for Christmas. They're not there all the time....or are they?

Coming to you tomorrow from across the ocean!


  1. Have a safe flight Steve. Looking forward to snaps of you in your sailor suit dancing a hornpipe on the deck.

  2. Yep enjoy your flight and your cruise. Maybe photos of you playing deck quoits so you can put your new-found sporty skills into practice :)

  3. love that shot of Olga all in focus except for her tail. have a safe journey.

  4. The shot of Olga with the long sidewalk and the fence along both sides is great.

    The dream is weird. It could be someone else's dream or else it could be something that's actually going to happen to you later. Or maybe neither of those things. I write down my dreams, but so far, there's been nothing prophetic.

    But if the baseball thing actually happens to you, write about it here. Even though it will kind of make you a jerk, you'll be a prophetic jerk.

  5. You seem pretty cool about things just before your trip. Bon voyage! How's that for my French?

  6. Have a good flight. Won't it be nice to have warmth and sunshine? We are cold with 6" of snow this morning but I suppose it looks more seasonal.

  7. That picture of Olga made me smile. She's such an adventurer. As are you, off on new adventure! Have fun.

  8. I love your eclectic collection of photos today! And your dream - what a hoot. We are not necessarily ourselves when we dream, and it's interesting to see what our brains do when "we" aren't in control!

    Have a safe and happy trip. I'm glad Olga seemed fine; now you can relax :)

  9. Baseball is a sport. Smacking baseballs for whatever reason is a game. You never smack a baseball with the intent of hurting the ball or anyone else for that matter. That is fundamental to your dream.
    If-When-Then, are fundamental terms in dream interpretation. I go out on a limb without knowing anything about you and say, I think the dream is precognitive. The action itself may have already happened, but the response is yet to be. My guess only.
    You don't play baseball. So what do you do? You are a photographer. When something happens, then something else happens.
    Again, out on the limb I go. When you take a picture, all in jest, all for fun, without malice, then somebody becomes very annoyed. Or when you do something...maybe not take a picture, maybe something else...
    Two interesting points to add. The friends are unidentified. Could be you know them but the dream energy isn't saying. Down here in our conscious life, physically on this planet, we don't get to know everything.
    Point two, the annoyed person is not violent. He brings you a cap, that if nothing else identifies you as the perpetrator.
    Why do we have such dreams? Don't know, but everyone does. The important part is whatever you will do, maybe a year or two out BTW, or whatever you have done, was done in jest, as a sport, with no malice intended. It is easy to say, don't worry about it, but since you had the dream I think you are being advised, (notice I did not use the term warned), that what is done in innocence may indeed offend someone.

    Nice blog, I love the pictures. I look for things stimulating to read while having my morning coffee. I'm happy to have found your place. Kravitz aside, you don't seem intent on hurting anyone, (she used to live next door to me in Oregon BTW, she seems to be everywhere and changing genders as often as she reappears), and you are not basically political or sexual, two things I look for in something to read. I'll be back. Thanks

  10. Have a great cruise, Steve & Dave!

  11. I'm sitting back here waiting for the dream cruise news.....

    Imagine Mrs Kravitz moving all the way from Oregon only to turn up as your next-door neighbour. It's the stuff dreams are made of - or should that be nightmares?


  12. That picture of Olga made me smile - that dog :)