Saturday, December 10, 2016

iPhone Photo Dump

Time to clean off the ol' iPhone. Here are some random photos I've shot over the past several weeks. First, some cheerful (or perhaps mournful) graffiti on the otherwise dismal footbridge over the railroad tracks in West Hampstead.

I'm always amused when I find pictures of happy, smiling people in a mountain of rubbish.

Remember when I mentioned the bar in Copenhagen named after Bond girl Honey Ryder, played in the movie "Dr. No" by Ursula Andress? Well, this was on the ceiling -- a huge photo of Honey/Ursula. That white thing in her neck is a smoke detector!

Found on the way to work yesterday -- the saddest Charlie Brown Christmas tree ever. It looks like a tree from years past, actually, that was sitting dead in someone's back yard or basement. And also...a snorkel?

I see lost pet posters all the time, but I don't often see a lost suitcase poster. Did she drive away and leave it on the curb, or did she turn her back for a moment and someone made off with it? You gotta wonder.

I'm sure you don't remember, but I blogged a picture of this house almost two years ago when it was already under renovation. I've been watching it as the months pass and the project just grinds on and on. I don't know what they're doing to this place but I'm beginning to think it will never be finished. (And if I feel that way, imagine what the owners must think!)

Finally, the parents at school brought cookies for the faculty and staff this week. This was one of mine -- I like the ladybug motif, even though it looks like it got punched in the eye!


  1. I love the detail of urban life especially the dismembered Christmas tree and the snorkel. It's like some clue in a bizarre Sherlock Holmes mystery!

  2. That must be the biggest photo in the world!

  3. I've worried about losing a suitcase at the airport but, I wouldn't think of losing one on the street.

  4. These are so random and I like them a lot!

  5. You find some excellent photo opportunities in junk. I' always amazed at what you find. I would never have identified the snorkel.

  6. No wonder Ursula Andress's photo has a smoke detector. She was (and may still be) smokin' hot.

  7. That is a sad, very sad looking Charlie Brown tree. Thanks for clearing the phone and giving us some textured shots.

  8. An interesting array, as always, and a testament to your eye for the quirky or unusual.

  9. fun collection of pictures. and Steve, are you really sure that tree was dead? are you sure you don't want to take it home?

  10. The Ursula Andress photo caught me off guard! Thought the tree had new growth. That ladybug cookie is a scream. Perhaps my blood sugar is super low. I enjoyed your photos.

  11. Parrots: "Colonel Mustard in the library with the snorkel..."

    Ms Moon: It was quite impressive!

    Sharon: I know! I feel bad for the woman, but still -- HOW DID IT HAPPEN? (Actually, I lost a bag in a taxi in Greece once, but that's a long story.)

    Nasreen: Thanks! :)

    Red: London is great for bizarre stuff lying around.

    Shoreacres: Excellent! You get the prize for the best comment. :)

    Tom: Isn't it pathetic? Poor thing.

    E: There's lots of quirk out there!

    Catalyst: It is indeed.

    Ellen: If it had shown even a HINT of life I would have rescued it! But alas, it has met its maker and joined the choir invisible.

    Limner: It's kind of hard to figure out because of the scale. The smoke detector helps!

  12. I love Ellen's comment :)

    I also love when you show us a random collection of photos. They are guaranteed to be interesting.