Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Lime Lamborghini is Back

I've blogged this lime-green Lamborghini a couple of times before. I just can't help photographing it, it's so eye-catching. And I'm not even a car person.

I came home from work yesterday during lunch to let Olga out and give her her medicine. She's still not ready to resume her walks with the dog-walkers, but she seems like she's continuing to heal. She grabbed the Kong and leaped around, ready to play. It's a major pain for me to get on the tube, walk to the house, tend to her and scarf down a meal and then reverse the journey back to work, all inside one hour. I'll be glad when the dog-walkers can come back. I depend on those people.

We have a huge yucca plant by the back door, and just last week I was telling Dave I thought it might be one of our most successful houseplants. And then over the weekend, I discovered that its lower leaves are infested with scale, a tiny brown plant-sucking insect. Argh! I trimmed off the worst leaves, and got out a pan of water and mild dish soap and wiped down the rest. I don't have any illusions that I have eliminated the scale entirely, but I've knocked it back, at least.

Also, I think I've figured out a way to eliminate our vast oversupply of cinnamon. I've been sprinkling it into my morning coffee, and it's not bad. With six containers to work through, I'll be drinking spicy coffee through at least 2027!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

It is well known in Yorkshire that to get rid of scale from your traditional front door yucca plant all you have to do is sprinkle it liberally with cinnamon.
By the way I have never seen "scarf" used as a verb before but I am inspired by your example. I have just scarfed down my breakfast muesli.

Vivian said...

During the winter I like to boil a pot of cinnamon water on the stove. It infuses the house with a pleasant spicy fragrance.

I would have thought that with all the American movies and TV shows that are shown in the UK that Mr. Pudding would have heard the verb "scarf" before. But now that he has been made aware of this Americanism, just watch: he'll hear it at least three more times today. That's how it works when you learn a new word.

I am known for scarfing down pizza.

Ms. Moon said...

I sort of think that car is hideous. Lime green only looks good on limes and actually, limes are never that color. It might be a different matter when one is inside of it, driving down a highway though.
I'm so glad that Olga is feeling better.
Isn't it odd how a houseplant can become infested with something just out of the blue? Where do these sneaky pests come from?

Red said...

there's always something to bug our plants!

ellen abbott said...

not a fan of lime green either, especially not that fake lime green color. it was however, one of my mother's favorite colors. that and orange. and the two of them together.

Anonymous said...

Lime green is an odd color for a car, but it does definitely stand out. So glad that Olga is on the mend.

Sharon said...

I was thinking that it must be quite a trek to run home at lunch. That is not a color I would choose for a car but, it does brighten up the street scene.

Catalyst said...

I was driving my 86 Volkswagen Quantum station wagon once when I pulled up alongside a Lamborghini at a red light. I was amazed to be looking DOWN on the car. Note to YP: I scarf down my pizza too and my wife says everything else I eat. I say it comes from being a longtime newsman always afraid I'll suddenly get called to cover a story.

Colette said...

I guess if one can afford a Lamborghini, you might as well get it in a color that forces everyone to notice it?

RedPat said...

Yesterday I discovered scale on an orchid and I have tried the soap remedy too and will keep my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

That’s a very handsome car! Attention grabber for certain, I’m glad Olga continues to recover, she’s such a beauty. I have heard cinnamon is good for us too!

Linda Sue said...

Cinnamon is great for prevention of diabetes 2! Well done!

Ahhh, and now you know what it is to be a working mom, somewhat. Olga is such a lucky girl to have found your two. I say that too many time.

That car color could be dangerous- to other drivers on the road. Neck jerk!

jenny_o said...

I love the car, both the colour and the shape. If you can afford a toy like that, why not get it in a toy colour??

Glad to hear Olga is bouncing back quickly. I was wondering how on earth you were able to get home at lunchtime. I have only a five minute commute and I can't even do it. Luckily I am paid by the hour and my bosses are very flexible about the time I put in!

Steve Reed said...

YP: "Scarf," in that context, is a useful word! Keep trying it out! You'll confuse all your friends!

Vivian: I never thought of cinnamon as a room odorizer. That's a novel thought! Probably good for Christmas, especially.

Ms Moon: It IS kind of hideous. I don't find it beautiful so much as I just find it remarkable. And to be fair, maybe it's apple green, not lime green. Though apples aren't really that color either!

Red: Like Ms Moon said, though, I wonder how they get inside?!

Ellen: Mid-century citrus!

Robin: It's eye-catching, for sure!

Sharon: Yeah, it is unusual, at least.

Catalyst: I wonder what it's like to have to get into a car like that? I'm not sure I could do it, and I'm fairly limber! LOL

Colette: I guess! Why pay all that money and then be overlooked?!

RedPat: I've seen scale on some of our orchid flowers, particularly old blossoms that have been hanging around for a while. I usually just cut the flowers off at that point. I don't find it on the plants themselves, though I'm sure it's there somewhere.

Laurie: I didn't know cinnamon had health benefits, but hey, everything helps!

Linda Sue: I'd feel so conspicuous driving around in that thing, for just that reason. People would stare!

Jenny-O: It's a close shave and fortunately my bosses don't mind if I'm a few minutes late back to my desk, as long as it's for a special circumstance like Olga care.

Sabine said...

Maybe you can start a cinnamon competition with a first prize (a year's supply of cinnamon rolls?) and donations to charity?