Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Butterflies and Board Games

The buddleias in our garden are still blooming, drawing butterflies of all sorts. This weekend we saw a red admiral (above)...

...and a painted lady feasting on the blossoms.

I ticked several tasks off my to-do list yesterday. I bought my ticket to Florida for late September, to visit my mom and help her move. I went to the hospital to have my pre-colonoscopy blood test and to pick up the prep kit. (Ugh -- it's scheduled for Saturday.)

I cleaned out and organized some areas of the library -- the AP and SAT study books, for example, which people donate to us but which eventually become outdated and marked up and need to be recycled. I also weeded our short story collections, because we're going to use that shelf for board games -- a new library feature! -- and we had a bunch of ancient story books that are old and sad-looking.

I hope the games become popular, though I imagine they could make some kids late to class!


  1. Board games in a library? How very disappointing! Why not clear out all the books and get in a music sound system? Also you could have TV sets showing cartoons and sofas so that the kids could lounge around and eat popcorn. Reading books - it's so passé. After all this is 2019, not 1919.

  2. We have seen a total of two butterflies on our buddleia this summer. There were loads last year. It feels off.
    Our local and school libraries all have a huge selection of board games and they are very popular I have been told. But then board games are a big thing in Germany for any age group.
    We still read books though.

  3. Also: Good luck with the prep day. It's the hardest part. But once you've got it down the hatch you're over the worst.

  4. Best of luck with the medical test. No. Fun. At. All.

  5. I've tried, with no luck, to grow butterfly bush. It's leaves crumple up and start to drop and the flowers refuse to form. Frustrating because I love it and the butterflies it brings. Yours seem to be doing great.

  6. This time next week the test will be over! Keep that in mind.

  7. the only butterflies I've seen are swallowtails and t=even those have been few and far between this year.

  8. Beautiful butterflies on your buddleia. My twin brother has been emailing photos of a monarch in its many life cycles on his milkweed. There's just something about butterflies and all those stages that is truly awe-inspiring. Good luck with the prep and the test.

  9. I love your photos today. Butterflies on pretty blooms, what's not to love?
    As I was preparing to leave for work this morning, I was listening to a wonderful poetry segment on Morning Edition on NPR. The segment is co-hosted by poet, writer and teacher Kwame Alexander. At the conclusion of the segment, the Morning Edition host Rachel Martin said that Kwame was going to be in London while he is working as the Innovator in Residence at the American School. I immediately thought to myself, I know that place. Well, not exactly that place but I do know two people who work there. It's such a small world! So have you met Kwame yet?

  10. Those buddleias remind me of lilacs. Are they related, I wonder? I love the scent of lilacs.

  11. The butterflies are beautiful. Board games in the library? Woo Hoo! I think it's a great idea. The library is a great place to gather for fun and learning. During my early years, it was one of my favorite places to spend time. One of my Butterfly Bushes is making a comeback this year. Hopefully this means lots of butterflies next year. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  12. I continue to be so envious of how well buddleias grow for you. Ours is dead and gone; it grew for only three summers, each one worse than the last, and didn't green at all this summer. I think it was just too hot in its south-facing location. I need to find something to replace it that won't get too big and that thrives on sun and heat. Preferably not a cactus :)

    Pro tip for colonoscopy prep - a thin layer of vaseline or diaper rash ointment before the "going" begins and at regular intervals will help avoid raw bottom syndrome :D And get some of the good toilet paper if you don't have some already; by good I mean soft but not pilly! Sorry for the graphic advice. Trying to help!

  13. Great to see a number of butterflies moving through.

  14. YP: Libraries are changing! We DO have sofas, but no popcorn. :)

    Sabine: That DOES seem off. We've had quite a few here, but it's hard to say whether there have been as many as usual. I don't like the prep (obviously!) but I can manage it!

    Mary: Yeah, definitely not. Ugh.

    Linda: I'm surprised! Here they're like weeds. They grow like crazy. In fact they're a nuisance plant along railway lines!

    Ms Moon: Yes! I'm looking forward to getting through this weekend.

    Ellen: So strange! I wonder why? Heat? Lack of rain?

    Robin: It IS amazing to see insects that pass through so many life stages. Quite a long and strange journey! The adults have been through a lot!

    Sharon: YES! I haven't mentioned it on my blog, but Kwame not only works at our school but SITS IN THE LIBRARY, so I see him every day!

    Catalyst: One of ours -- the one I found dumped in the woods several months ago -- smells especially lilac-like. Apparently buddleias are sometimes called "summer lilacs" but they're not actual lilacs and the two species are not related.

    Edna: I agree! I think games in the library are a great idea -- as long as kids remember they have to study too!

    Jenny-O: Thanks for the advice, LOL! Apparently some northern climes are too cold for buddleias to thrive. Could that be the case in your area? They like full sun here. I wouldn't think sun would be a problem.

    Red: I love seeing how many species we get!