Friday, August 16, 2019


Well, back to the grind! I went in to work yesterday and wrangled with an immense stack of magazines that had accumulated on my desk over the summer -- and now they're all logged in, sorted and the newest issues have been put out on the magazine rack. So at least the library looks up-to-date and the magazine covers no longer say things like, "Will Boris be Prime Minister?!"

It's kind of nice to be working again, honestly. It's fun to catch up with my co-workers and there's comfort in routine.

I can't pull the library together completely because orientation meetings are taking place there, so the tables and chairs are haphazard and the shelves are all moved around. But little by little. I think next week I'll be able to make it more orderly. The kids don't show up until a week from this coming Tuesday.

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and cool, and I walked home and mowed the lawn. (Because I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan...even though I'm not a woman!) There are still three caterpillars hanging around on the ragwort, including Rupert -- what are they waiting for?! It's getting chilly out there! (A high of 67ยบ F today.)

(Photo: Mayfair, on Monday.)


  1. Schools are back here...and its blowing a hoolie, unlike usual sunny back to school weather.

  2. The women in the back of the little blue car are saying, "That guy with the camera - he looks like a plainclothes policeman! Abandoned the mission Abdul!"

  3. You will get the library back together again and your right that there is comfort in routine. I miss mine when I am out of mine. I use to could roll with the flow and jump right in the mix but more and more I find myself becoming a creature of habit. I like knowing I don't have to get up early unless I want to and stay up late if I choose. Most of the time anyway.

    It is rather chilly where you are. I am wishing we had your weather. It is still hot here and probably will be until the end of October, usually Halloween we get our first real cool spell. I see our leaves falling and the hot sun is baking our lawns to an ugly brown now no matter how much we water.

    So glad that Rupert is still hanging out but I am like you, he needs to go to sleep soon so when he awakes he will be anew. I wish we could shed our bodies like that... I would put my order in totally different haha.

    Take care, Beth

  4. As soon as I got back to work on Monday, sat down at my desk, and started answering the phones, it was like the summer never happened. But that's okay. Like you, I've enjoyed catching up with coworkers and beginning to get back into a daily routine.

    Our kids come back Monday. That's when the real fun begins! Hahah.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  5. school has started back here too. and a high of 67˚? we won't see that til November. interesting building with the modern sculptures over the door.

  6. Welcome Back To The Grind - Also, Fantastic Potato Photos


  7. I think Mr. P. is right about the people in the back of the car.
    Don't worry about your caterpillars. They probably know what they're doing.
    Being back in the library doesn't sound like a horrible thing. And oh, how sweet it makes the weekends!

  8. Best wishes for a good year, a lot of bacon, and a crisp and luscious fry up.

  9. I was going to comment on how you caught the wonderful range of humans in this street scene, by including the pretty woman in the car.
    Then saw that a couple other readers saw the women in the backseat as suspicious... Interesting-- our police and other officials automatically do that too.

  10. Yes, there's lots of organizing to do to get ready for the school year. It's always nice to catch up on what your buddies did in the summer.

  11. Nice to get back into the work routine, dust off the desk, and get ready for the young ones to return. The seasons they go round and round...

  12. I do better with routine too! I love how the woman in the back of the car matches the tiles (?) on that building - very cool!

  13. Fortnum and of my favorite places to shop. I'm sure that I've visited that store on every single trip I've made to London (except last May when I never left the airport). That photo (along with most of your photos) makes me want to go again.
    So the kids don't go back to school for another week. That seems more like normal to me. Kids here started back the first week of August and that seems early. However, it's too hot for kids to be out doors anyway, they might as well be at school.

  14. Thanks for the link to that video. I had never seen it and it's a scream. And who says we men, who luvvvvvvv bacon, can't fry it up, too. Though have you tried spreading it on a sheet pan and baking it in the oven?

  15. When I was teaching I always loved the first couple of weeks back to school. All the new art supplies and the children in their best "back to school" outfits and teachers and students alike hoping for a wonderful year ahead.

  16. Is Rupert still the smallest of the caterpillars? and thus how you can identify him? or have you stuck a name tag on him? lol

    Love the perfume ad!!

  17. GZ: "Blowing a hoolie" -- I like that expression!

    YP: You're terrible! But it IS her expression that makes the picture, I think.

    Beth: Wouldn't it be nice to metamorphose into something more beautiful and graceful? Then again, butterflies live very short lives, so that's the trade-off!

    Jennifer: Yeah, school doesn't REALLY start until those darn kids return! LOL

    Ellen: People complain about English weather, but I love it!

    Padre: Thank you and thank you!

    Ms Moon: I know it's so silly for me to even think about these caterpillars. They are doing their own thing and yes, they know what to do.

    Colette: Every once in a while I crave a fry up! LOL

    Fresca: I know! I honestly didn't have that reaction to her at all. And knowing YP, he's just being provocative. (Right, YP?)

    Red: Yeah, catching up with everyone is part of the fun!

    Robin: Yes! And those painted ponies go up and down!

    Bug: Usually I feel like cars ruin my photos, but in this case, it added! A happy accident.

    Sharon: I thought of you when I took this picture -- I remember you like F&M!

    Catalyst: Isn't that commercial hilarious?! I'm surprised you don't remember it. It was pretty famous at the time. Comedians used to spoof it.

    Sue: Yeah, the fresh start is always nice. I remember feeling that way when I was a student, too. And then within a few weeks my notebooks were wrinkly and my clothes had spots. C'est la vie.

    Jenny-O: Yes, Rupert is still smaller. He's recognizable not only because of his size but because he has a little malformation on his back -- like a scar. I didn't know caterpillars could get scars, but this one did! (I could have named him Scar, but that sounds unfairly sinister.)

  18. Great photo! Hard to believe summer is over for you already! Glad you have collegial workmates.