Monday, August 5, 2019

Flowers on the Pond

I took Olga back to Hampstead Heath yesterday. She seemed a bit reluctant when we first set out, sniffing and lingering and taking her merry time. I wish I'd monitored how long it took us to get to the Heath, because I swear it was the slowest walk we've ever done. I was reminded once again how much older she's become -- she's eight or nine by now, and it occasionally shows.

But once we arrived her juices were flowing and she had a great time, as usual, chasing squirrels and her Kong and tennis balls. I guess she just needed a little warm-up.

She found this area of the pond on Sandy Heath that was strewn with flowers not found in nature -- not in that location, anyway. Were they left over from some ritual? It's entirely possible she was wading through someone's mortal remains -- or some dog's -- but I didn't see any visible evidence beyond the blossoms, so who knows.

We saw this nice speckled wood butterfly.

The Heath is very verdant at this time of year!

On the way home, we walked through Golder's Hill Park and visited the aviary. (I wanted to see if they had posted any notices about a missing turaco -- but no luck. I guess our visitor at Hampstead Cemetery doesn't belong there.) I did see this amazing creature, a Lady Amherst's Pheasant. Now that's some plumage!


  1. Spectacularly beautiful plumage on the dozing pheasant.

  2. possibly natural art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy?

  3. There was a wood butterfly in our kitchen yesterday afternoon as I made our Sunday dinner. It was identical to the one you spotted. Perhaps it was the same one. I ushered it out and it flew away - possibly back to London.

  4. As gorgeous as that pheasant is, the photo of Olga in the water with the flowers is, in my opinion, contest-winner-worthy.

  5. Love these photos. Olga in the flower-strewn pond is such a wonderful image. Beautiful pheasant and butterfly too.

  6. Dogs have moods too so I guess Olga just wasn't ready to go.

  7. What gorgeous photos today. I love the one of Olga in the green pond with the flowers. That bird is most certainly a colorful creature and you got a great shot of that butterfly. Well done! I bet Olga had a bath when she got home.

  8. That pond doesn't look like anything Olga should be wading through. Talk about "pea soup". That pheasant is amazing. Much prettier than the ones my family used to hunt when I was a kid.

  9. That pheasant is beautiful.

    I'm quite glad that as a human I get to choose when I go for a walk!!

  10. Such beautiful photos. Your Olga is gorgeous! It looks like she really enjoyed that pond. Between aging and arthritis, my little dog walks a lot slower now too. I bought him a doggie stroller so that he doesn't miss out on anything on the days when he slows down. It was a great investment. I've never seen flowers like that in a pond before. Strange. You and Olga have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  11. I've probably said this before but I'm so jealous that you have such a beautiful place to go and can walk there.

  12. Hi there.
    Oh you do take the most amazing photo's. I love the pheasant. How gorgeous and the plumage is incredible. You and Olga have terrific walks that take you both on very interesting paths. I am so in love with the one of Olga in the pond with those gorgeous flowers.
    Speaking of which it is probably a moon ritual as to why the flowers are there. We recently had the Super Black Moon and the flowers and colors are right for Lammas so I am just guessing here but I think that perhaps if there was a ritual involved it was for Lammas.

    I am sure that your right about Olga just needing a warm up on her walk. Our age begins to tell on us and she just needs a little extra time.

    Give her hugs for me and you have a wonderful Monday evening and Tuesday! Beth

  13. What an amazing bird. Totally unexpected. Over from Oddball. I'd like to come back, but I do not see a place for me to follow.

  14. WHAT?!?! Is that pheasant for real or are you just checking to see how gullible we are? How on earth did you get such a perfect photo? My mind is relying...the stuff that you see is not like what other people see. Amazing.

    And Olga is pretty spectacular too.

  15. Fabulous Shots And What A Gorgeous Location - Well Done


  16. Alphie: Isn't it amazing? I was surprised the bird continued to doze with me so close by -- but then, it's in a cage, and I guess it knew it was protected.

    GZ: It is very Goldsworthy-esque! Although he'd have it in a spiral or something.

    YP: I'm sure there's only one! We must have both seen it! :D

    E: Thank you!

    Ms Moon: Thanks! I like it too, though I took it on a too-slow shutter speed and the dog is just the slightest bit blurry. Oh well. You can't have everything.

    Robin: Thank you!

    Red: I think she wanted to go, but she has lost the sense of urgency that she used to have. Now she's content to meander at her own pace.

    Sharon: Oh yes, first thing!

    Catalyst: The pond has duckweed on the surface, but it's not dirty or anything. I mean, I wouldn't drink out of it, but it's just your average forest pond.

    Jenny-O: It is nice to have self-determination, isn't it?!

    Edna: Thank you! Olga seems a little too big for a stroller -- fortunately we're not at that point yet!

    Ellen: London is amazing when it comes to parks and green spaces. There are lots and lots of them, and the Heath is one of the biggest.

    Beth: I have never HEARD of Lammas! I looked it up and perhaps you're right. Thanks for possibly solving the mystery!

    Susan: Hmmmm...I'm not sure how following works. You can sign up to get posts via e-mail at the top of the page on the right, below my profile. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can figure out how to enable following.

    Vivian: YES! It's for real! I actually thought it was kind of a crappy photo, since it was taken through two layers of wire fencing, but everyone seems just as awed by the bird as I was -- so I'm glad I posted it! Olga IS quite spectacular. :)

    Padre: Thanks!