Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Yarn Rainbow and Luddite Technology

One thing I realized about going back to work -- it consumes a lot of my day, leaving me less time to think about what I'm going to blog. (Scanning books for library inventory really isn't worth a post, although I confess I do love it. It's solitary, quiet work that fulfills my inherent need to organize.) So, anyway, here are some recent iPhone photos!

I thought this was an interesting twist on all the rainbow posters and murals thanking the NHS -- one made of yarn.

Here's Olga posing in front of a bush in Mrs. Kravitz's front garden. I don't remember what this plant is called, but we have one too. Ours is much less impressive than Mrs. Kravitz's.

I liked the lights on this Land Rover, made to resemble smiley faces.

Follow the arrows to the obviously groovy basement flat!

Found on Hampstead Heath -- the rare orange-peel lobster.

I came across this car on a recent dog walk -- it's a Triumph Herald, made between 1959 and 1971. (I think it's fairly brave to leave a convertible parked on a London street with its top down, even in broad daylight.)

I found several of these rocks under some trees on a Hampstead street. I left them there -- we all need this reminder right about now, don't we?

When I was unwrapping magazines in the library Monday, I came across this advertisement, which proves that everything old is new again! I love the ad copy, obviously aimed at a generation for whom a manual typewriter is a novel invention: "NO COMPUTER REQUIRED! This neat machine requires no power, is always at hand and is complete with all you need to start your work straight away." It even comes with its own carrying case (they act like that's novel, too) -- all for the not-so-low price of £215, or $264!

And finally, one of the pubs I pass on my walk to work -- which I've featured on the blog several times -- is not only closed but seems well and truly fortified. I hope they're planning to reopen when all this virus stuff is over.


  1. Mrs Kravitz has a front garden with shrubs that actually flower!?.
    And her shrub is flourishing in comparison to yours. There's only one thing to do. Ask her for advice. She's such a horticultural wonder woman from all your accounts, she's bound to be able to give you some first class advice.

  2. My Grandson cannot wait for the clubs and pubs to open again, his work is looking for new talent and without the clubs and pubs he is just relying on the internet.
    I learnt to type on one of those great big black typewriters, lol, could hardly lift the damn thing.
    Love the Olga photo of course.

  3. You could stick a few of your own lockdown poems on the boarding at Lily Langtrey's pub...

    There once was a fellow called Reed
    Who had been in some bushes and peed
    A policeman walked by
    With his truncheon raised high
    Yelling "That's an insanitary deed!"

  4. Wonderful pictures, just the stuff to cheer me up on a grey day. Thanks.

    We actually had a similar typewriter when we lived in Seychelles. All the kids in the neighbourhood loved it, they would sit down and bang away for ages.

    The plant posing behind Olga is a white rock rose or cistus, I think. We have one as well, the bees love it and the plant doubles in size every year. One day it will cover the garden . . .

  5. Loved all of these and sorta wish I had my old electric typewriter circa 1980 and a gift from my mother and her husband...Stay safe at work.

  6. That's an "alarming" photo of the pub. Wonder what "alarmed" them. Do you suppose the basement flat sign has been there since 1971? And, finally, can one really type without a computer?!? What will they think of next.

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  8. As always- your iPhone pictures delight me. I just love that crocheted rainbow! And that car! It's so geeky-cool.
    Really glad that you're happy to be back at work. That does all sound pretty ideal.

  9. Great photos! You do see the most interesting things out on your walks. Now I suddenly want a typewriter.

  10. Getting back to work under those conditions will seem rather odd. But, you'll get used to it.

  11. That convertible is great! I wouldn't leave it outside like that either. I love the creativity of the orange lobster. Your yarn rainbow is gorgeous! I'm glad you're enjoying your time back at work. Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  12. well, Sabine answered my question about the white flowers. love the car and and the typewriter computer required!

  13. I love all your street photos-Olga looks especially fetching under the white flowers and the yarn rainbow is so cute. Thank you for sharing your life.

  14. I think that shrub of Mrs. Kravitz is an Olga Shrub. It seems to mimic her colors. Nice photo of the gal anyway. Sorry to see the indomitable Lilly Langtry so tightly closed up. I hope it doesn't go out of business.

  15. I love the rainbow and all the smiley faces and the entrance to the groovy apartment. But, I have to admit that typewriter blew me away. My first thought was that it was a very old ad but, I see it isn't. I haven't seen a typewriter for sale anywhere in many, many years. That is quite a surprise.

  16. I love that orange peel lobster :D

    And the typewriter ad is hilarious to those of us who've already lived that era, but probably not to the young 'uns :)

    Nice collection, as always. And thanks for including Olga once more!

  17. The typewriter ad is quite funny. No electricity needed.

    I especially liked the orange peel lobster:)

  18. I used to love doing. inventory in my school library. I would start as soon as the students were gone for the summer, it was just me, a book on CDs, and my inventory wand.

    What kind of a dog is Oga? You may have said at one time but I am rather late to the party, so I would like to know. She is such a cute dog.

  19. Alphie: That bush thrives DESPITE Mrs. Kravitz, not because of her!

    Briony: We had one like that too. It was solid steel and SO heavy!

    YP: Masterful poetic craftsmanship!

    Sabine: I wish OURS would double. (Or at least grow.)

    E: I know! Why did I ever get rid of my old manual? Except that typing required a lot of strength!

    Mitchell: That basement flat sign is VERY '71. In all seriousness, the pub is alarmed to ward off squatters -- if you get squatters in your property it can be hard to get them out and they do a lot of damage!

    Padre: Well, at least I got her in the photo! She's very sick of having her picture taken. Half the time when I point a camera at her she barks at me.

    Ms Moon: It IS good to be working again, especially under these circumstances!

    Robin: It does have a sort of retro appeal!

    Red: It's better than not working at all!

    Edna: Well, it's not MY yarn rainbow. I just spotted it in someone's window. But it reminded me of you and fellow blogger Bug and all your yarn work!

    Ellen: Isn't that funny? I love how younger people have this affection for devices they never even used. I wonder if that's the target audience for the typewriter?

    Lini: Thank you, and you're welcome! :)

    Catalyst: It's true! It matches her coat really well.

    Sharon: Isn't that funny? I was surpised too. I never imagined anyone even made them anymore.

    Jenny-O: It amused me how they had to explain how a manual typewriter works.

    Lilycedar: I guess it could also be a scorpion...?

    BethB: Inventory is so peaceful, isn't it? I don't even listen to anything. Just daydream. Olga is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or staffy for short. She's a rescue dog but we had her DNA analyzed and she's all staffy!

  20. As soon as I saw it, I thought, Mr. YP is going to have a field day with that orange peel "lobster." But maybe I just have a less than pristine mind.