Monday, May 18, 2020

In the Long Grass

The grass in the cemetery is long and lush, providing perfect cover for the great squirrel hunter!

(Not that she caught anything, or even came close.)

There were tons of people out yesterday. I counted more than 20 -- plus their dogs -- visiting the small field in the back of the cemetery. Olga and I often have it to ourselves, maybe with one or two others, but this time it was like a convention. People are definitely taking advantage of our new Lockdown Lite.

Kind of like Saturday on the Heath, where I saw lots of people picnicking. It's funny how the rules loosen and the first thing everybody does is pack a picnic lunch. When we have good weather in England, we need to seize the moment!

Some officials in other parts of the UK say they're not ready to lighten the restrictions and they're rebelling against the idea of sending kids back to school (which for certain grades is supposed to happen June 1). I guess the same is true in the states, where local governments differ on appropriate rules. It's hard to know what's right.

I saw this interesting plaque on a headstone yesterday. My first thought was that it looked vaguely Mayan, with all the elaborate ornamentation -- but I believe it's actually a representation of the Polish icon known as Our Lady of Czestochowa.

As I've said before, on every trip to the cemetery, I find something new.

I repaired a broken flowerpot Saturday morning and it was a comedy of errors. I used a tube of super glue called Gorilla Glue -- the kind of tube where you puncture the tip and then screw on a little nozzle to apply the glue. Well, when I made the puncture, the glue gushed out and before I knew it, both the tube and the flowerpot were stuck to my hands! And let me tell you, that stuff is strong. I lost a layer of skin detaching myself, and spent the rest of the day picking reptilian scales of dried Gorilla Glue off my fingers.

The flowerpot's fixed, though, and now it's holding some nasturtium seedlings -- they sprouted on their own in our garden, children of the nasturtiums of past seasons.

(Those are not nasturtiums above, though. They're wild geraniums at the cemetery.)

Today I'm headed back to work for one final week. Now that inventory's finished I don't have as much to do, but I'll come up with something.


  1. Ow! That Gorilla Glue really works, too! Better than any other product I've tried. Glad you managed to detach the pot from your hand. The photo of Olga is beautiful (well, of course).

  2. I have seen photos of you Steve and you look nothing like a gorilla! Didn't Homebase have any macaque glue?

  3. Olga, You Are Just Too Cute

    Belly Rubs,

  4. What an adorable photo of Olga. The wild geraniums are beautiful. I have a bottle of Gorilla Glue but I can't use it. My hands aren't strong enough to squeeze the bottle so that the glue will come out. Yeesh! I asked my son in law to Gorilla Glue the toilet paper hanger to the wall. He got a screwdriver and a screw and screwed it into the wall. What can I say? Enjoy your day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I imagine it will feel oddly good to go to work, if only to have a new set of walls around you, and I imagine you'll still be protected in an empty school.

  6. I feel like Olga- hiding in the tall grass. And is it necessary? The scientists seem to think we should still be following the rules for safety but the government seems to be urging us back to "normal."
    My dreams are full of fear. My heart is full of longing for my grandkids.
    This feels worse somehow than the original lockdown.
    And yeah- that gorilla glue is scary. But it works.

  7. Love "Olga in through grass" photo.

    Sorry about the gorilla glue mishap. Always extra careful when I use that kind of stuff...can't afford to lose any more layers of skin.

  8. Beautiful photo of Olga in the grass. She looks good and healthy.
    California is trying to figure out how and when to open. I just wish people in my country didn't think not wearing a mask was a statement of freedom rather than a declaration of their utter ignorance. Ugh.
    Bummer about your gorilla glue stickiness and your hands.

  9. I have some gorilla glue around here somewhere. not sure which version or if I've even used it. I think I bought it with several other kinds when I needed to glue the heron box together and wasn't sure what to use. good pic of Olga. Texas reopened 'in stages' and we had our biggest day of known infections yet. way to go gov!

  10. I had an accident with super glue. Ijust got it on one finger but it took a long time before it was gone.

  11. One final week of work? What happens after?

  12. That picture of Olga is wonderful. You need to enlarge and frame that one!

  13. Olga deserves her own book of photos! Have a good day.

  14. My wife and her artist daughter both LOVE Gorilla Glue! They were just comparing notes and declaiming its wonders in a recent wine therapy session (at respectably socially distanced separation) in our garage. I just sat there and took it all in. One member of a partnership is always the fixer. In my partnership with SWMBO, that ain't me.

  15. So sorry about the Gorilla Glue. It is definitely the strongest one I've used. At least the flower pot was saved but your poor hands.
    I sowed some old nasturtium seeds and they have sprouted very well. In the past I have always soaked them but this time straight into the flower pot.
    Some businesses are allowed to reopen in CT on 20 May. Restaurants-outside dining only , Dentists, elective procedures at hospitals all with mandatory masks, distancing and appointments.
    Many people are still very hesitant and will wait to see if we have a spike in new cases.
    At my age I will continue to stay home with Amazon and grocery delivery.
    Stay well!

  16. That Olga picture is fabulous! Just the other day Mike read a tweet from someone who superglued something & didn't get ANY on herself - amazing!

  17. I love the picture of Olga in the tall grass. Of course, I love every Olga picture :)

    I've considered buying Gorilla Glue more than once, thinking to use it for crafts - because hot glue only works on certain things - and ended up not buying it after all. Mostly because of the fumes. Between sticking my fingers together and setting off my asthma, it just seems like a bad idea for me. But I'd be interested in hearing how long your pot stays together!

  18. I am so glad that I'm not the only one that is an accident waiting to happen with Gorilla Glue.
    I thought the plaque and the geraniums were interesting. At first I thought I was looking at the pic icon from Starbucks. The plaque is cooler.

    In Texas our Governor said we will not go back to school until the Fall. That seems better to me. The kids need a break right now from bossy parents lol.

    Have a awesome day!!!