Monday, September 26, 2022

Lacewing and Avocado

This little critter was on our laundry when I picked up the drying rack on Saturday evening to carry it inside from the lawn. I shooed it away and it landed on a nearby buddleia. It's a lacewing, I believe, and I suspect it's not long for this world. The weather is getting chillier by the day. The low was 47º F (8.3º C) just yesterday.

In fact, it seemed cold enough that I brought the avocado tree inside for the winter:

I swear that thing got much bigger during its summer outdoors. Hard to believe that almost exactly 10 years ago, it was just a tiny sprout.

I did some other stuff in the garden, including digging up a climbing rose that seeded itself in a place we don't want it. I always hate to kill a plant but it had to go, and we have several of them. (They've re-seeded elsewhere too.)

I spent almost the whole afternoon on the couch, reading. I'm about halfway through John Irving's "In One Person" now, and I've warmed to it. And that was my Sunday, in a nutshell!


Moving with Mitchell said...

And I see Olga working hard as usual. The view from your living room is so lush.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

It is so splendid that you kept a picture of your avocado tree when it was just a baby emerging from its mama seed.

Jennifer said...

I love the look of your living room. Speaking of reading, I'm about halfway through Middlesex. So far I like it a lot.

Bob said...

I did what Olga did!

Ms. Moon said...

Your indoor jungle is looking very fine!

The Bug said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday. I feel like I was way more productive than I wanted to be, but it was my own poor planning. Ha!

Ed said...

I'm not sure how you could spend any time on the couch with Olga taking up so much of it!

Boud said...

Avocado is literally the one thing I have never been able to grow. I think it's about body chemistry. A friend started one for me, brought it over and by next day it was completely dead, hanging out of the pot. I never got a pit to start. So I look on enviously at your magnificent specimen avo.

NewRobin13 said...

Love the houseplants and the view to the yard. How lovely it is there.

Red said...

One of these days gardening is coming to an end.

ellen abbott said...

Lacewings are so cool and beneficial. They lay their eggs on little threads that stick out from whatever they're attached to, a little row if filaments with an egg on the end.

Everyone is going on about fall and cooler temps. Ha! Expected high today is 93˚ though the low is supposed to be 59˚.

Sharon said...

Brrrrr...that is getting pretty cold already. It's hard to believe since it will be 105 here today.

Kelly said...

Time flies. Next thing you know you'll be stringing fairy lights on the avocado for the holidays!

Olga has the right idea for a Sunday. (or any day, for that matter)

Margaret said...

It sounds like a very relaxing Sunday!

The Padre said...

Olga Girl, You Are So Dang Cute - Slip An Uncle T Treat Under That Blanket Please


Allison said...

Your house plants look great. Being possessed of a black thumb, I don't even try anymore.

Elizabeth said...

I just love that photo and could stare at it all day.

River said...

I don't like avocados but now I want to sprout a seed and see how it goes. Olga looks very comfortable there.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: That is her specialty!

YP: I remember it took FOREVER to sprout. I was proud when it finally happened!

Jennifer: It's been years since I read that book but I remember really enjoying it.

Bob: Definitely a weekend pose!

Ms Moon: It IS quite a jungle, though, isn't it?

Bug: It's seldom that poor planning makes one MORE productive, so pat yourself on the back! LOL

Ed: Believe me, that is a continual battle, both on the couch and on the bed.

Boud: Ours seems to do well, and I have no idea why. In fact we need to trim it to make it more compact. It's a little out of hand.

Robin: Thank you!

Red: That's true, though even in the winter we have some projects planned.

Ellen: Well, everything's relative, I guess! I don't remember ever seeing eggs, though I might not have known what they were.

Sharon: Yikes! It's getting late in the year for those kinds of temps, isn't it?!

Kelly: That's what I tell Dave when he suggests we throw out the avocado (which he doesn't love). I say, "But it's our Christmas tree!"

Margaret: It was good to catch up on some reading.

Padre: We've temporarily switched treats to a softer variety but she still loves them!

Allison: We've had good luck here in this flat, partly because that room gets so much natural light.

Elizabeth: The lacewing or the living room? :)

River: You could probably plant the tree outside, and you'd eventually get avocados! It's too cold for that here. Ours is doomed to forever remain a houseplant.

Jeanie said...

I got the black-eyed Susans and some of the sweet peas cut back (there is still much to do in the sweet pea department!) It's getting cold here. We came north today -- tomorrow night it is supposed to be 33. We will go buy a second space heater!