Thursday, September 29, 2022

Olga's Indian Summer

You know how the vet told us Olga had a tumor beneath her infected incisor, and we've been waiting for the results of a biopsy to find out what kind of tumor it is?

Well, the results came back yesterday, and SURPRISE -- there's no tumor at all! Olga doesn't have cancer, at least not in the tissue that was biopsied. It's just a big infection.

We are, of course, incredibly relieved, and also a little bowled over that the vet could be so certain in her preliminary diagnosis and yet so wrong. She was convinced it was a malignancy. Weirdly, this is the same vet who, four years ago, removed lumps from Olga's hind legs and took huge margins of tissue because she thought they might be cancerous -- and they weren't. What is it with this vet?

Her most recent diagnosis never quite made sense to me, because Olga had this lumpy nose off and on for almost a year, and it didn't seem to grow substantially or drag her down at all. This explains, too, why Olga was bouncing around so soon after her surgery like she was perfectly fine. She is perfectly fine.

Anyway, Olga has now been referred to a dog dentist (apparently there is such a thing) who will review her records to see if she needs further treatment or more antibiotics. Hopefully the removal of that single incisor is enough to quell this infection. Remember we were also going to remove the other incisor -- which is gray and perhaps not healthy but so far not causing her problems -- and we decided not to because of the "tumor." Well, I'm not putting her under the knife again unless there's really a crisis.

Jesus! What a roller-coaster ride.

So that's a big explosion of happy news, desperately needed in these crazy times. Otherwise I've been worrying about Hurricane Ian affecting my family and friends in Tampa (it looks like they avoided the worst of the storm, but of course it's hammering other parts of the state). And what about the insanity of our newly-elected British government, which has cooked up tax cuts for wealthy people that are so ridiculously irresponsible that our currency has tanked and even the leaders of the International Monetary Fund felt compelled to protest?

I mean, honestly. Here we are in the middle of an energy and cost-of-living crisis, with local governments in such a struggle that garbage lingers on the streets and libraries can't stay open, and the answer is to provide £45 billion in tax cuts to the country's wealthiest people?


And then, of course, there's the Ukraine situation, which may pose the greatest existential risk of all. I occasionally read a right-wing news site which shall remain nameless, just to give myself agita, and they continually make excuses for Putin, saying that he is on an anti-globalist crusade against all the evils of the West, and look how vigorously he supports the Russian Orthodox Church and blah blah blah -- and I think, when did the American right wing climb into bed with Russia?

Despite our surging household costs and the weird apparent sabotage of the gas pipelines beneath the Baltic Sea that supply Europe with Russian energy, I briefly turned on our heat this morning. It's 42º F outside (5.5º C) and that is freaking cold.

Oh, Olga, you scared us to death. And incidentally, that is MY PILLOW!


River said...

"When did the American right wing climb into bed with Russia?" When Trump was in charge.
At 5.5C I wouldn't even get out of bed!
Why is it always tax cuts for the wealthy? Why not for the poor and the middle class?

Moving with Mitchell said...

Such great news about Olga. I’d be concerned about that overzealous vet (that misdiagnosis would also be of major concern to me). Do you have another nearby option? No, that’s not your pillow. It’s Olga’s and she lets you use it. Dudo has four pillows. He allows me to use three of them when I sleep, and sometimes the fourth.

I wonder what kind of world we’re living in, as well. The far right seems to be getting a foothold or at least making headway around the world. Putin supporters in the strangest places (the USA?!?). Truss and her incompetence and Reaganomics -- doesn’t she know it failed?

Hope your family and friends in Florida are OK.

Frances said...

Great news about Olga. Not heard anything yet about the lumps that they removed from Lex. His wounds are healing well.

Michael said...

I haven't been blogging for a bit of time, and when I began to read this post, I momentarily got so worried about Olga until I came to the part where she was okay. The word "tumor" is not a good word in my book. It has been a bit over a year since my beloved Murphy died of cancer, and I was hoping that you wouldn't get that same diagnosis. I am so glad she's okay.

I have been reading about the economic situation in the UK. That new prime minister sounds wackadoodle.

Jennifer said...

I'm so happy that Olga is okay! And I'd find a new vet if I were you, Steve. Surely there must be plenty in London.

I hope your family and friends in Florida are okay. It's been a terrible storm. We're expecting tropical storm force winds and rain here starting tonight and into tomorrow.

As for Russia...I agree with River. The American right got into bed with Putin when Trump was president. What a nightmare.

Peter said...

What happy news about Olga, give her a big hug for me! And yes, the rest of the world is nuts.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Jesus! What a roller-coaster ride"...Please don't call me Jesus Steve - just because I sometimes wear sandals in the summertime!

By the way, you need a different vet.

Bob said...

Great news about Olga, but I'd consider a new vet. This one seems unsure.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh, the BEST news! Hurray for Olga, the beautiful princess dog of your heart!
I've got a friend in Tampa and she reports that all is well with her and her family although they have no power or wifi. A friend in Winter Haven reports that things are torn up pretty darn badly. A real mess. BUT- they have power!
I think the right-wing of American got in bed with Russia via that slut of an Orange Doodle. Just my guess.

Ed said...

Great news! I hope she has many good years left in her.

Due to the hurricane, we haven't even got a 15 second clip on England and the new hubbub so it was news to me until reading blogs this morning. Are English taxes graduated like here in the U.S. where only the top 50% actually pay any income taxes? When my wife worked over there eons ago, the percentage was a heck of a lot more than here in the U.S.

NewRobin13 said...

Great news about Olga. Yay! What a relief.
The world is spiraling into I don't know what anymore. The Trump/Putin influence on everything is so scary, it blows my mind.
And then there are hurricanes to remind us what really is in charge of this whirling planet.
Olga wanted me to tell you that really is her pillow, and she doesn't mind letting you sleep on it at night.

The Bug said...

Yay for Olga! She gets your pillow just out of sheer relief - ha!

Between Britain, Italy, and Ukraine I'm convinced we're in the end times. If I believed in end times.

Ellen D. said...

Glad to hear Olga's good news. Like other commenters have said, I would look for a new vet...
Ironic that now DeSantis needs the help of the Biden and the federal government.

Mary said...

Best news ever on Olga. So happy for all of you--though sorry you had to suffer all the worry of the potentially bad diagnosis.

As one who follows British news regularly, all I can say is that Truss is way in over her head. In light of the recent Florida weather, I would say she and KK are their own storm surge and that a lot of people will 'drown' in one way or another under their disastrous plan. She likes to say the poor are getting "hand-outs", and yet what does she do but turn around and give the wealthy the biggest hand-outs of them all--called tax cuts. Her ignorance of the failed history of trickle down economics is quite astounding.

Kelly said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad to hear the news about Olga! Now you can go forward with all your travel plans without worrying something will happen while you're gone.

I have a friend in Tampa who was relieved to miss the worst of it, but still dealing with a tremendous amount of rain. I don't know yet if she lost power overnight.

I can't imagine ANYone outside of Russia (and maybe China or N. Korea) making excuses for Putin.

Boud said...

Such good news about Olga. I think I'd switch vets if that's possible.

As of ten minutes ago, friend in my house received a text from his daughter in the Tampa area, never lost power, all's well, though torrential rain. I have a text out to other friends to get news.

Sharon said...

That is great news about Olga. However, I'd be concerned about the diagnosis too. You will have to let us know what the "dentist" has to say.
I've been feeling a bit on edge lately about the world situation. It seems our leaders are either ineffective or down-right stupid. There is so much demonizing of anyone who disagrees with those on the extreme right. Putin is hell bent on nuclear war...and for what? His army's war crimes are appalling. And yet, the right-wingers are making excuses for him.
And then there's the climate situation. The planet is at a tipping point and I fear it's going to tip the wrong way.
All in all, it leads to a lot of sleepless nights.

Pixie said...

I'm so thankful that Olga doesn't have cancer. A bit of good news in a tough week.

The world has gone mad and I'm pretty sure that all previous generations have thought the same thing. That doesn't make me feel any better though. Stay warm.

Sabine said...

Good news about Olga puts - almost the rest of the news in the shade!

One of our elderly cats had a similar scenario and we had incisors removed and biopsy done, no cancer but were referred to a homeopathy cat experts which is where we said, no thanks.
This cat lived happily for another couple of years.

I hope your Florida family will come out of this unharmed.

Marcia LaRue said...

I can't add anything to what everyone else has said here!
Don't blame Olga ... blame that Vet and look for a new one!
We have to do everything in our power to change how things are globally!

RedPat said...

Hurray about Olga's good news. What a relief for you.

Jim Davis said...

Great news!!

Linda Sue said...

OLGA , our baby LIVEs again!!! That is the best thing all day, all week , all of the days since we first got news of tumor. GEEZ - roller coaster for sure and that ride sucked! Anyway, She can have your pillow forevermore!Didn't think it could be worse than Boris, I was so wrong.... and there goes Italy to nostalgic Mussolini days. Just in time for the sun to cook us off of this planet.

Allison said...

WHY in the name of all that's holy do whack-job politicians always give tax breaks to the rich? They're rich, they already have enough money. It makes me very angry. Good to hear about Olga not having cancer, and maybe it's time to switch vets.

Margaret said...

What a huge relief about Olga! I would say not to change vets until you actually find a new one you like. It is very difficult to find care in my area and many vets aren't taking new patients. I don't know if it's the same there or not. It boggles my mind that politicians are going back to trickle-down theory which has been proven OVER and OVER again not to work. I feel like the world has gone crazy.

Lynn Marie said...

I'm glad Olga gets an Indian summer for both her and your sake. I'm hoping for a long one for myself when the time comes. I wonder, does Indian summer translate into Britspeak? Does it happen there and do people have that concept of a brief and beautiful reprieve before inevitable winter comes? That question's phrasing could only have come from a morose New Englander! best, Lynn Marie

gz said...

Good news about Olga!!
The rest of the news? Just crazy.
Glad your family is ok.

Jeanie said...

I am thrilled, just elated about Olga! That has to be the best news ever today and I needed good news! (Just got diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia today. Swell.) So that's a happy boost! And I send all good wishes to your Tampa family. Rick's dad is in Punta Gorda (well, not at the moment, fortunately) and we don't know yet if he still has a house (and probably doesn't have a boat anymore). Ukraine... yes, this is bad. And we hear a lot about your new PM's plan here or at least some enough to know what you're dealing with. The Olga news is definitely a big plus right now. I'm so happy on that front.

Red said...

Health conditions with dogs is stressful because they can't talk to you and help to diagnose their problem.

Debby said...

What good news!

Steve Reed said...

River: It's true -- Trump's admiration for Putin turned the tide. It's just shocking considering how anti-Russia conservatives in the USA used to be.

Mitchell: There are other vets nearby, but the veterinary practice we go to has multiple doctors working there, and we don't usually get this one. She seems to handle surgeries. Next time I'll try to get a different surgeon.

Frances: Fingers crossed he'll be fine! Dogs get lumpy as they age.

Michael: I thought of you and Murphy when this whole situation arose. It was so similar.

Jennifer: Yes, I see that the storm is headed your way. Stay safe and keep us posted!

Peter: We will hug her on your behalf!

YP: Problem is, this vet is super-convenient. And as I told Mitchell, we don't usually get this particular doctor.

Bob: At least she errs on the side of caution, but she scares us to death in the process!

Ms Moon: Yes, many of my friends have reported similar.

Ed: To be honest, I don't know the details of how taxes are assessed here. I just pay them! But in my view, wealthy people SHOULD pay more, rather than being able to avoid them entirely, as Trump does in the USA.

Robin: She clearly regards it as her pillow!

Bug: I sometimes feel the same way -- like standing on a street corner with a sign saying "The End is Near"!

Ellen D: Yeah, funny how he's all chummy when he needs help.

Mary: You're absolutely right about Truss. I've never seen a political leader start off with such a drastic misstep.

Kelly: Yeah, it's mostly been just heavy rain for people in those areas, as I understand it.

Boud: Well, Florida gets lots of torrential rain, so that's not so different from usual!

Sharon: Sleepless nights and worry, yes, but at some point I tell myself it's all out of my hands. That helps me cope. All I can do is my small part.

Pixie: Thank goodness for a bit of good news!

Sabine: Ha! No one's sent me to a dog herbalist yet.

Marcia: Absolutely -- we all have to do our part, as small as it may seem.

RedPat: Whew! We're so relieved!

Jim: Indeed!

Linda Sue: I thought Truss would bring some stability. Boy was I wrong!

Allison: Because the rich fund their campaigns. It SHOULD make us angry.

Margaret: There are several docs at this practice and we don't usually get this particular one, so we'll probably stay with them. I'm going to avoid her if possible in the future, though.

Lynn Marie: I think it's become such a part of the language that people here know the phrase and what it means, but I don't think I've ever heard an English person use it. (Indians in England are a whole different group of people!)

GZ: Good news and crazy news! My head is spinning!

Jeanie: I'm so sorry about your pneumonia! Take care of yourself, and I'm glad Olga could give you a boost!

Red: Yeah, it's so hard to know what an animal is feeling or thinking.

Debby: Whew!